I can't believe that our 3-year-old is now in Pre-School at St Mary's.

He had his first day on Tuesday. Orientation was last Thursday, and he had a ball in the classroom. Colleen, Omommy, Nana, Papa and I were there to see him get his nametag and picture taken, as well as picking up a stack of paperwork to fill out.

Tuesday morning, he was seen off to school by Colleen, Omommy, and myself. From what I heard, he had a great time there, making new friends, playing with Play-Doh...

He's anxious to go back. Who wouldn't be?
My little guy...

Pics! )
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( Nov. 12th, 2007 12:08 pm)
Well Saturday was interesting.

We took Marcus to his second concert ever. Bro-in-law (Jeankel Johnny, as Marcus calls him) got us tix to Trans-Siberian Orchestra, with the intention of him, Colleen and I going to the show and having my parents watch Marcus for a few hours.
As it turned out -- Johnny had a play to do at home, and my parents wouldn't have been around to watch him, so we ended up taking him.
We had seats in the sixth row, center section on an aisle. How cool was that -- best seats I have ever had for a concert. (Mind you, if it was a Floyd show, I'd want, oh... twenty rows back, so that I wouldn't be overwhelmed by the whole spectacle.)
Marcus was pretty good during the first half. He sat and listened to some of the music, and watched the guitars (he loves guitars... I can't wait to get him his first real one when he can truly learn to play). He didn't like having earplugs in his ears, though. He also sat on C's lap, and my lap, and even fell asleep for a couple of songs! However, I don't think he liked the lights so much, especially the strobes. During the second (really loud rockin') half, we ended up walking the ring around the seats of the DCU Center, peeking our heads in from time to time, as Marcus was a bit on the restless side. We had one of those backpack/leash contraptions on him. We stayed through the whole show, so we got to hear everything they played.
All in all, it was an excellent show, and for his second concert, it could have been a lot worse.
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( Feb. 20th, 2007 01:11 pm)
So last night I'm sitting on the floor while Colleen, Mom-in-law and I are watching Talladega Nights. Marcus is doing his wandering around with various toys. He came
up to me and managed to toss his little airplane behind me, so, of course, he decided to crawl/walk on me to get it.
In the process of traversing me, he got a thumb up into my nose. Normally, this is only mildly painful but still highly annoying, so I tried to get his thumb out of my nose. Instantly, I felt major pain, as he grabbed using all of his fingers -- including the aforementioned thumb. His hand moved away, and I grabbed my nose, as one would do with a painful part of the body.
Colleen said, "Oh just get his plane, you wuss."
I proceeded to check and hold up one of my hands -- which was now covered in blood.
Marcus had managed to scratch the inside of my nose hard enough to draw blood.
Within seconds, I had tissues and an ice pack for my nose. Marcus had retreated to his room.
However, the three of us in the living room were trying very hard not to laugh at the situation. Colleen went into Marcus' room, where he was heard to say, "Dada booboo." Well that just set us all off.
Within a few minutes, my nose wasn't pouring blood, and everything was better.

And Marcus came over to give me a big hug.
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( May. 18th, 2006 10:06 am)
I am absolutely knackered.

[livejournal.com profile] monkeymoo2005 fought off sleep last night. I think I got him into bed sometime during the new episode of Good Eats ("Just Barley"). He had an 8oz bottle, followed up with two more 4oz bottles. He was wound up about something.
I got home rather late last night. My support meeting, which usually doesn't last long, went until 630p. Combine that with a very quick stop at the store, and I didn't get home until well after 700p.
When I got home, I saw Colleen sitting in the backyard, facing away from the driveway. All of a sudden, there was a movement of light blue -- [livejournal.com profile] monkeymoo2005 was crawling about the backyard, having a grand old time.
We took him upstairs, and I gave him dinner while Colleen did the books.
That's when Marcus decided he wasn't going to go to sleep just yet. But you know the rest of the story, especially if you read [livejournal.com profile] monkeymoo2005's LJ.

Tickets for a second Roger Waters show at the Tweeter Center go on sale Saturday morning. September 9th. [livejournal.com profile] amazingfranco, [livejournal.com profile] silvara77 and I are going. ([livejournal.com profile] amazingfranco will be coming up from VA to see the show with us.) I'll be at Filene's in Auburn getting the tickets.

More later if and when news warrants.
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( May. 15th, 2006 12:37 pm)
I know it's been a while since I've posted last with something of substance, so here goes...

I'm not really going to get into doing major updates or anything, but there are a few topics I'll touch on.
Cut for length. )
Out here.
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( May. 1st, 2006 02:22 pm)
Happy Beltaine to all!

So here's the weekend...

Saturday was errands day. We drove out to Bagelmakers in Northboro so we could place an order for Saturday. We also decided to bin the idea of getting deli platters, as it would cost an arm and a leg. (We're talking $30-35 for each platter... three platters... you do the math.) We also hit Trader Joe's, and got more noshes for Marcus. After that was a run to Shaw's to pick up stuff for the weekend, and a few more things for Marcus to try -- bologna, primarily.
That night, we made up some chicken for him to try as well. Seems like the only things he really went after were the diced mango and the wheat mini-pita. He dissed the chicken and bologna. Hmmm.
Experimented with pouch cooking that night, making oriental noodle bowls with marinated chicken tenders.

Sunday was more errands: Living Earth, That's Entertainment, and Whole Foods (Framingham). More Marcus stuff. However, we're still trying to find frozen tangerine juice concentrate for a punch we'd like to do for the party. Might have to substitute something.
Dinner was gyoza soup and chicken fried rice, all homemade. Good stuff. Plenty of leftovers. Marcus was a little keener on the chicken, but tended more with the pita, biter biscuit, and peach dices. I think his teething is giving him some grief. We discovered through reading that when teething, babies can lose their appetite.
Managed to get a set of shelves moved from one room to the other. Also set up a lamp in the office room. Desk is prepped for the new arrival. Will be spending later tonight working on installing it and testing it with a game -- perhaps Dungeon Siege.
The main work of getting things reinstalled will take place during the in-laws' visit, as I'm sure they'll be wanting to play with the kiddo.
However, as far as the UPS online tracking is concerned, the boxes are still sitting at the distribution center in Shrewsbury. Mom said that UPS usually doesn't get to her neck of the woods until late afternoon, so I'm not too worried. However, Colleen made the comment that I'm like a child at Christmas. Well of course I am, this is a big thing here. :)

More later once things are settled.
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( Apr. 25th, 2006 01:24 pm)
Woof, I'm stuffed... Those of us at work who were not so lucky as to be in Las Vegas for the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) trade show put together a potluck cookout. I supplied the pickles, mayo, and baked beans.

Eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new PC. (See previous posts for what's on it.) I'm debating on the name... Stormcrow seems innocuous enough, if I'm sticking with wizardly names. Mithrandir as well. (Look 'em up... same person.) Or I could just recycle Dresden. (Someone suggested Bob. My reaction was, "It's a computer, not a woman pretending to be a man." Then I realized that Bob is, in effect, Harry Dresden's computer, since a real PC would just blow up in his face. Ah well...)

Bro-in-law is coming up middle of next week to spend time with Marcus before his birthday. Mom and Dad-in-law will be up either Thursday or Friday, can't remember which.

Gaming: Getting more ideas for GURPS games. Still want to run a fantasy game, modelling it after D&D 3.5e, but keeping it "real." Also still working on the "normals stuck in a very odd situation" game that I'm redoing.

House: I'd like to be getting more done, but during the week, it's not really possible, since what I need to do involves my stuff that's in Marcus' room. Can't work in there while he's asleep.

More later as news warrants.
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( Apr. 13th, 2006 01:03 pm)
I'm knackered today.
Dead cert that Colleen feels the same.
Reason? Marcus had problems sleeping last night. He kept waking up.
I sort of expected this to happen in the extremely near future, since he's been having decent nights of sleeping as of late, so... while tiring, it was expected. C and I took turns napping with him on the futon, and he would sleep for a little while, and continue to do so for a little bit once he was in the crib. However, he would wake up.
The first time he woke up was before 1030p. I stayed with him, and got him into the crib a little after 1130p, apparently. He was good until maybe 200a, then was off and on with sleep. C made it back to bed for a little while, but took two turns.
At one point, she was changing him in near-dark conditions without her glasses. "I hope I'm doing this right," she said as I walked into the room. "You're doing fine," I said, "but why are you diapering his head?"

Hopefully he'll sleep better tonight.
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( Apr. 11th, 2006 10:23 am)
This is a test to see if this photo makes it up to Photobucket.
Plus, it's a cute Marcus pic...

Monster Feet!!!!
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( Apr. 10th, 2006 01:53 pm)

Yep, time for another Weekend Update...

Friday: Same old same old. Caesar Salad for dinner, get Marcus to bed, worked on the front room, and watched Doctor Who.

Saturday: Got up, got a plan to move furniture about. Got spaces cleared in the front room. Marcus went off with Mom (Nana) while Dad (Papa) helped us get the dressers, futon and crib into the front room. We got that half set up nicely, and marvelled at how much space and light there was, and how much easier it is to get around. Now I have my shelves and boxes to manage after Colleen gets her gear straightened out in the other room and we get my computer desk in there.
My GURPS order (Banestorm and the GM Screen) was in at That's Entertainment. I have about $35 left in store credit.
We had dinner with my parents, and then came home to relax. I hadn't eaten anything all day, so I just kind of toyed with a lot of my dinner.
Colleen slept in the front room to be there should Marcus wake up. He likes the new setup a lot.

Sunday: Colleen went to mass, and I kept Marcus occupied. Afterwards, we went to the Blackstone Shoppes. We had lunch at Red Robin. Who knew that they had a mascot (read: someone in a costume)? Well, Red came up to Marcus, and Marcus just kept looking at him as Red played peekaboo. But then Red had to step a little closer to Marcus in order to let someone through, and then Marcus started to cry. I think he got a little scared. (Understandably so, as you don't see many large anthropomorphic birds with heads the size of a decent TV in life, let alone when you're only a 2.5ft tall yourself.) However, Marcus was flirting with the women at each table aside us, playing up on being cute. (How could he not?) After lunch, we hit Babies R Us and Target, as well as I Party.
Colleen got her grading done during The Sopranos.

All in all, a busy weekend.

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( Apr. 3rd, 2006 11:22 am)
Welcome to April!

And now for the weekend update...

Friday night was a typical Friday night. We had ceasar salads for dinner (done with Boston lettuce instead of romaine... turned out really good. Added grape tomatoes to Colleen's salad, cheese all around.). We then watched Doctor Who. More on that below.
I was briefed on the Antics of Marcus on that day. Since it was an absolutely spiffy day, Papa (my Dad) took Marcus to Elm Park, where they had a toddler play area, apparently. (It's been so long since I've been to the park.) He had a blast. He even got a hug and a smooch from an 18-month-old girl. (He always had a thing for older women.)
Oh, and he's been sleeping through the night as of late. And he's got four teeth cut on top, two fully in on the bottom with a third just peeking through.

Saturday turned out not to be the Big Move Day after all. Colleen was still feeling the sore effects of a tumble she took on Thursday, I was suffering a bad head cold, and my parents were rather worn out already in the day. However, they did take Marcus to their house while Colleen and I worked. She tackled some more stuff in the front room, while I assaulted my computer desk in the living room. I managed to fill three office boxes with manuals, CDs, and other sundry bits. I dusted and cleaned all the components (printer, monitor, KVM switch, DSL modem, cables, two CPU towers, external ZIP drive, game controller, external old USB CD burner). Tied and secured all the cables. Wiped down the desktop. Started maybe 11am, had a lunch break, kept BBC America on all day (Monty Python marathon), and I was all set with that by 3pm.
Got cleaned up, left the house, drove to That's Entertainment (my GURPS order still hadn't come in... grrrr!), and then to my parents'.
Did our taxes. We're getting nice amounts back from federal and state.
Marcus was getting rather fussy around the time that we had decided upon dinner, so we ordered Chinese from Nancy Chang's. Dad and I left to get the food, so there would be less commotion in the house. By the time we got back, he was sleeping nicely in Colleen's lap. Discovered a delicious new appetizer from Nancy Chang's -- chicken ravioli (bit like a chicken wonton, done like a potsticker; I'm thinking it was either a wonton or gyoza skin, since it was much thinner than a typical potsticker/dumpling skin). After dinner (Colleen managed to eat hers with Marcus still in her lap), Marcus woke up and was happy as a clam. We went home, gave him another bottle, and he went off to sleep without a problem.

Sunday, I spent most of my day with Marcus. First off, I went off to Shaw's to pick up a few things, and was home in time so Colleen could go across the street for mass. She came back for a few minutes, collected her schoolwork kit, a lunch, and was off to work at the school on grading. Marcus and I shared a snooze on the couch for a while, then had a mid-afternoon lunch while I caught up on shows I had recorded on DVR. After Colleen got home, I tidied a few things, did some dishes, and broiled up some honey-lime-marinaded chicken, served with some long grain and wild rice for dinner. We watched The Simpsons and The Sopranos, and then went to bed, still slightly suffering the effects of Springing Forward and losing an hour's sleep.

So we're at Monday again. I'm still under the influence of the nasty head cold (and I forgot my cold meds too).
All in all, though, I think I feel pretty okay.

This is primarily to perform a self-counterpoint to material I posted yesterday about Marcus and the sleeping issue.

First off, I didn't mean to say that it was getting old. We love spending time with him, and it's a great bonding experience for all of us. We just don't want him to make a habit of it.
Second, I would never consider constantly drugging him to get him to sleep. (Myself, on the other hand, would be a different story, as I myself am prone to fits of insomnia.)

We would try the "let him cry" bit, but right now, it's not feasible. We live on the second floor of a three-decker. His room is sandwiched between two occupied bedrooms on the first and third floors. Once he's moved into the front room, we may try that option, as the floor above uses it as a workout room, and the first floor uses theirs as a living/sitting room.

Last night, though, he was pretty good. He fell asleep after his evening bottle, sometime after 9pm. He was in bed before 10pm. He woke up once, crying. I went in, put the pacfier in his mouth, and eased him back into a sleeping position. He was out. He woke up again sometime after 1am. I changed him and brought him in with us because he wasn't going to put up with anything else.

I have a feeling that the change in rooms may be a shock to him, but it will be for the better, I think. Plus, Grandmummy will be up this weekend, and loves to care for the little guy.

On a side note: another reason to break him of this habit is that he will have a tendency to flail about at night, whapping one of us in the face with his arm.

Thanks for the inputs, though.
This is something that will just take some time, effort, and patience.
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( Mar. 20th, 2006 12:13 pm)
I think we may have created a situation with Marcus

The past couple of weeks have been rather strange when it comes to his sleeping habits. It may have started sometime around the point when we were giving him cold medicine (just Tylenol/pseudoehpedrine combination) to help him with his cold.
We'll give him his night bottle around 9pm, give or take a few minutes, having given him the cold medicine. He'll suck down the formula, and fight off sleep. He'll shift positions, etc, trying to get comfortable. Most often than not, it will take Colleen coming in and snuggling up with him and he'll nod out. We let him cook for 10-15 minutes, then move him to the crib. Most often than not, this will be between 10 and 11pm.
So, anywhere between (at least by my observations) 11pm and 4am, he will wake up at some point, and just start crying. I get up, and see if he has his pacifier in his mouth. If he doesn't I put it in and try to lay him down (since putting that in has acted like a switch in the recent past -- put it in and he'll collapse like a house of cards. If he does, well, there's a problem. I change him and bring him into the bed with us, where he'll nod out after a little while.
And he usually stays with us until morning.
Now, speaking as new parents, I do have to say that this is getting old.
The past couple of nights, we tried just straight Tylenol, since he's teething. Nope, still woke up, and in bed with us.
Last night, straight Tylenol again, but this time I had an idea. I cleared off the futon that's in his room (in couch mode... this is also the "family guest" bed), lay down on it and had him settle on my chest. He loves happing that way. He tossed a couple of times but soon fell into a relaxing nap. I had to get up for the loo after a while, so I put him in his crib, making sure he was still asleep. After a minute, he was up and crying again, so back in bed with us.

We're sort of at a loss as to what to do here. I'm approaching the point where I think that maybe a half-hit of Benadryl will help him right now. There's a slight chance he may become hyper with it though, but he hasn't exhibited that kind of behaviour with it before.
While we want him to be able to sleep all night in his crib, we also don't want him up all night crying his head off.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Anecdotes? Helpful stories?

(x-posted between my LJ and [livejournal.com profile] worcesterparent
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( Mar. 16th, 2006 11:43 am)

You're reading the ravings of a First Class Prime Choice Blue Ribbon A1 Idiot.
Here's what went down last night:

I washed five formula bottles, complete with nipples and rings. No problem.
Boiled four of the bottles, two at a time, to kill any of the nasties that may still have been on/in them. No problem.
Set the fifth bottle in the pan, along with the five nipples and rings.
Here's where the problem started. I got distracted.
It was a combination of playing with Marcus and watching Mythbusters. Colleen was in the bedroom, on the phone with her brother and watching American Idol, seeing who was going to get the chop.
At some point, I changed Marcus' diaper, and walked out of his room. This certain aroma, somewhat faint, hit my nose.
My first thought was, "Candles?"
I started to investigate, Marcus fully within my grip.
When I got to the kitchen, I figured out what it was -- the bottle, nipples and rings.
The water had boiled away, and there was now the above items, strategically melted enough so that they, along with the saucepan, were beyond salvage.

So there I was not three minutes later, fully dressed once again in "out of the house" clothes, speeding along to Target at 2130 (930pm to us cake-eating civilians) to replace the bottles.
Colleen managed to find seven nipples and rings from an older kit. The nipples were like #1's, and Marcus uses #s 2 and 3. So I just bought half a down #3 nipples, a replacement bottle, and a bottle-to-trainer cup kit, as well as a new inexpensive saucepan.
All that, and I was home before 10pm.


What an adventure. Colleen told me that I wasn't an idiot, but I was still mad at myself for forgetting.
It's amazing what half a pint of B&J Cookie Dough ice cream will help you heal late at night.

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( Mar. 6th, 2006 01:46 pm)

First off, I would like to wish Marcus a Happy 10-month Birthday!

Right, on with the weekend...

Friday night: usual stuff -- Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis. DVR'd Monk and NUMB3RS.

Saturday: Got my car inspected a few days late. I went to a gas station a stone's throw from my flat, but their machine was down again. So I thought to go to my regular place, the Getty on Southbridge Street. Drove past, didn't see a sign to mark the queue for inspections. Kept driving, saw that the sign noting inspections had been painted over. So, I kept driving. Ended up at Webster Square Tire and Battery. This year was just the safety inspection, so that was good.
After I got home, we got our act together and went to Friendly's in Northboro, the one by WalMart. We had a good lunch, and Marcus was entertaining, even to some of the other patrons. We then hit WalMart, then Wholly Cannoli (after seeing them yet again on the Phantom Gourmet that morning) to get cannoli and dynamite sticks.
We relaxed that evening while watching Fever Pitch. It's a cute movie.

Sunday: Took Marcus out shopping to That's Entertainment, Shaw's and Price Chopper. At PC, he was singing and babbling up a storm, delighting some of the other customers. When I got home, Colleen went up to the school to take care of a few things for accreditation, then came home. During her absence, I worked on cleaning the dining room so I could keep an eye on Marcus as he played in his area in the living room. When C got home, he was asleep on my chest, snoozing away. We set him in his crib to continue the nap and went to work on straightening the bedroom. When Marcus woke up, C watched him while I continued on. When I was done with my part, I watched him while she worked on hers.

Really exciting stuff, eh kids?

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( Mar. 2nd, 2006 12:09 pm)

To quote the judges from a certain Monty Python sketch... "I've had such a bitch of a morning in the High Court..."

Last night, C was in the living room watching "American Idol" while I had Marcus in the bedroom, reading him a story and giving him his bottle so he could go to sleep. He kept pushing the bottle away at times, and was just cranky as all hell. We gave him some anti-gas stuff, and that calmed him down a bit. He took some more bottle, and ended up falling asleep in my arms just before a Monty Python retrospective started on TV.
Me, I've been having troubles of my own with sleeping, either falling asleep or staying asleep. Maybe I should talk with my doc about Ambien or something to that effect.
So at one point, Marcus wakes up during the night. Usually we just put the pacifier back in his mouth and he'll flop over. Not last night. So I changed him, and we took him into our bed. C snugged up with him and he slept.
0500 rolls around, and the alarm goes off. Marcus stirs crankily, and C gets herself going so she can hit the gym early. (It's a new thing she's doing -- Tuesdays and Thursdays she'll get up at 0500, hit the gym, shower there, then come back and pick up Marcus on the way to school, since those are the days that he is cared for by another person, not Mom.) I bring Marcus with me to the couch, and hold him while he fights sleeping but succumbs to it anyway. Colleen comes back, we get him ready, and off they go.

So now that brings me to the rest of my morning. I had heard that there was a truck fire on 495N at the 119 exit (great, that's the exit I take to get to work). The right lane would be closed for road repairs, since the fire damaged the road. I figured on getting off at the exit before that, Rt 2A, and going through Littleton Common. Nope, I hit the backup a few exits before that, a mile from the Rt 111 Boxboro exit. I get off at that one, drive 111 through Boxboro into Acton, and turn up the road where Idylwilde Farms is. (I stopped there to grab some of the best OJ on the planet and a chocolate milk.) I stayed on that road because I knew it went into Littleton. I kept driving along, thinking, "Where the f--- am I?" Finally I come out on a familiar intersection, and make it into work. I saw the scorched truck from the bridge that takes 119 over 495. Yep, right at the exit, basically. Traffic was mobbed to that point.
So I made it in 10 minutes late. Oh well, couldn't be helped.

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( Jan. 17th, 2006 04:06 pm)
You know... it's kind of funny when you're watching Star Wars: Episode III, and you're at the moment when they seal the facemask on Darth Vader's helmet, and it's all quiet...
And suddenly a joyous little tune from one of Marcus' toys plays right at that dramatic moment...

Timing... gotta love it.
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( Jan. 13th, 2006 05:20 pm)
Yes, I'm going to get fatherly here... so deal.

Over the past few nights, I've been giving Marcus his nightly bottle, like I usually do. It's really something to look down and see this little pair of bright gray eyes looking back up at you, you know?
It's also a heart-tugger when you come home, and he turns to see you and gives you that big toothless (well, almost) grin, and know that it's a smile that's just for you.
And his laugh... that's something special to hear.

Speaking of laughing... the other night, he's asleep in my lap, just after his bottle. All of a sudden he emits this quiet squawk, and then a cute little laugh... all while asleep! Colleen and I were amazed!

He's getting over his pneumonia very well. He's back to his normal self, but he'll still be taking doses of that pink liquid -- amoxicillin.
That and a small dose of Benadryl before bed...
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( Jan. 9th, 2006 09:21 am)

Sunday evening proved to be an interesting one.
For the past few days, Marcus has been suffering from a bit of a cold -- sniffles, runny nose, etc. We started to give him some infants' cold medicine (just Tylenol/Sudafed mix, no cough stuff). However, over the past couple of days, he started to cough.
In the middle of the night (or the wee hours of Sunday morning, take your pic), we noticed that he was feeling really warm, so we gave him another dose of the meds. Okay, he ended up sleeping in the bed with us, since he got comfy and all. He felt fine in the morning and throughout the day.
However, when we got home from errands on Sunday afternoon, he felt really warm, and was still coughing. Keep in mind that we hadn't given him any meds during the day since he pretty much felt okay and was his normal self. We took his temperature -- 101.4. Colleen called Pediatric Urgent Care, and got him an appointment for 1930, which was, at the time, an hour away. We bundled him up and brought him in.
The doc checked out his ears and his lungs, and heard something in one of his lungs. Next step: blood draw and chest film. Okay.
Colleen held him for the blood draw, which he didn't like. Colleen stayed with him in X-Ray while he was strapped into a plastic brace (I called it the Plastic Maiden) to keep him still. He was a brave little trooper through the whole thing, even though he fussed and cried through the labs.
We went back up to UC, and was told that he has a small patch of pneumonia. Well, how did he get that? As usual per this time of year, there's a lot of crap and illness going around the air, so he may have just picked something up somewhere. Happens.
He got a dose of antibiotics (one shot in each leg), and he's going back in for a followup and more antibiotics this afternoon.
He was his normal self the rest of the night. He fell asleep in C's arms after a bottle and a small dose (not a full recommended dose) of Benadryl, and slept through the night.
Looks like we caught this one just in time, right at the beginning.

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( Dec. 19th, 2005 05:30 pm)
New Marcus picture, sitting in the aftermath of his first snowfall on Turkey Day. Love the hat.

He's slowly but surely learning to pull himself into a seated position -- either by gripping our hands and pulling himself up, or by working at it himself. He's done the latter at least once already.
He also loves play peek-a-boo when we throw a blanket over his head. He pulls it off and gives us this big nearly-toothless grin and a laugh that's so sweet, you swear you'll get diabetes.
I think he's very nearly ready to crawl. He's working on getting into the right position for it. He just can't quite get his legs underneath him. He can sort of lunge, and he pivots on his tummy very well.
I love this kiddo. Lots.
He's gonna have so much fun in Virginia. Loved and spoiled by one and all.


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