I've been thinking of a list of comics I'd like to see done as movies, and who would best fit the title roles...

Here goes...

Green Arrow -- For a while, I've thought that Dennis Quaid could do a good GA... and I'd want Kevin Smith to write it.
Doctor Strange -- Shall we give some more work to Johnny Depp? Who else could do a good Sorceror Supreme?
Captain America
Jon Sable, Freelance - They once did a TV show loosely based on the comic, but I don't remember it very well. We need a new version. Creator Mike Grell once stated that he would love to see Jim Caviezel (sp?) in the role.
Strangers in Paradise, though on second thought, it should be done as a long-running series on cable. Get Terry Moore in on the adaptation and we'll be all set.

Any other suggestions?
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( Nov. 8th, 2005 03:16 pm)
Okay folks. This is inspired by the Boston Herald's movie critic, who rates his Top War Movies.
Here's his list...

The greatest war movies ever made:
1. “The Lost Patrol” (1934): Victor McLaglen and Boris Karloff in a deja vu-ish John Ford drama about a military group lost in the desert during World War I and being raided by Arab fighters.
2. “Pork Chop Hill” (1959): Gregory Peck in Lewis Milestone’s great, grim drama about the “forgotten war,” Korea.
3. “Die Brucke” (1959): a relentless account from director Bernhard Wicki (“The Longest Day”) of German boys recruited to defend the homeland.
4. “The Guns of Navarone” (1961): Before “Mission: Impossible,” this Alistair MacLean-written tale of an attempt to destroy a German supergun is the best World War II action movie.
5. “The Longest Day” (1962): An iconic John Wayne and a stellar cast invade Normandy in this best of the “epic” World War II big-screen treatments.
6. “Patton” (1970): George C. Scott’s finest screen hour, a complex portrait of an unconventional American warrior, featuring the most rousing call to arms since Shakespeare’s “Henry V.”
7. “Apocalypse Now” (1979): Francis Ford Coppola’s reimagining of the war in Vietnam as “The Heart of Darkness,” famous for its helicopter attack to the tune of Wagner’s “Die Walkure.”
8. “Das Boot” (1981): Wolfgang Petersen’s gripping, harrowing masterpiece about German sailors aboard a World War II submarine, also available as a five-hour miniseries.
9. “Full Metal Jacket” (1987): Stanley Kubrick’s profane and incantatory tribute to Vietnam and the the cult of death, reportedly a Marine grunt favorite.
10. “Band of Brothers” (2001): Based on Stephen Ambrose’s bestseller, this first-rate miniseries is a justly acclaimed tribute to the Greatest Generation.

Okay... comments...
The Lost Patrol - Has anyone ever heard of this movie? You can't get it on VHS or DVD...
The first one on the list I know about it The Guns of Navarone. I know all the ones below it too. I haven't seen all of them, but I know them.

So now this brings me to my question:
What five war movies would you want in your DVD player to watch on Veteran's Day?

My selections )


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