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( Jan. 14th, 2009 03:46 pm)
I feel like hell...

I've been told that I look like hell today to.

Managed to get that stomach flu that's going around. A few folks here at work had/have it. Colleen's getting over it. It started to hit me this morning as I was approaching work.

If it continues after a light dinner, a night's rest with nighttime cold/flu meds, and Idol, I'm binning tomorrow.

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( Feb. 8th, 2008 10:44 am)
I tried to eat a little something last night... made a few chicken tenders. I got through two of them before I decided it was enough. The other four are in the fridge.
They seemed to sit well for a while, at least into the night... but this morning, the tummy was wabble again.
I am definitely not over this bug, and it's been a week.
I'm probably going to bin this sometime around noon or so... go home, get my head down for a nap, and get myself over this as soon as I can...

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( Feb. 7th, 2008 03:47 pm)
I've been suffering from the gastric bug that's been making its way around the office as of late... started Thursday night with feeling very nauseous. Stayed home Friday so I didn't have to worry about rushing long distances to the loo. Felt better over the weekend, for the most part. Didn't really eat a whole lot, though I wasn't truly hungry.

Now it's what, Thursday, and I feel drained. I haven't eaten anything in 25+ hours as I have absolutely no appetite. I've been trying to stay hydrated as well. I just hate feeling this way.
I'm active, I'm mobile, I'm muddling through the day. I just want this to go away and go away now.


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