As we all know, today is Tax Day, or as I like to call it, Paying Admission to the National Freak Show.

/start rant

I have all my forms ready, envelopes done up, set to go.
I stop at the small Post Office on Rt 20 in Northboro, as it's on the way to work, intent on using the Self Service kiosk.
At first, I find out that I flubbed the ZIP for the state return. No biggie, save that for a moment.
So I do a postage/certified label for my federal return, and it comes up with the print label option, showing a label (without dimensions -- take notes, kiddies, this bit of info becomes important) and asking, "Will this label fit on your envelope?"
Without any frame of reference or anything to point to the contrary, I keyed "Yes" on the screen.
The label printed... and discovered that the short dimension was equal to the height of the envelope... and was too big to fit on the front.
So I bring it to the desk clerk, after I fixed it to the back, asking if it would work. He said that it should, but also that I should have bypassed that option and found where to print the smaller label. It was at that point that I had advised him that no size option was given, it only showed that label, without dimensions, so I had to guess. Of course, he did say, "I didn't program it, I only work here." I suggested that he push that suggestion higher up the chain so that someone may listen.

Just in case that didn't go anywhere else, I emailed customer service at

We'll see how far this flies.

/end rant
So I sent off my taxes this morning. This year, we don't have to pay a thing. We're getting like $2800 bucks back. That's not counting the added Congress-approved rebate that'll come later on in the year.

The new automated purchase points in the Post Office is rather nifty. It'll print out the needed labels and whatnot, which is needed for certified mail and return receipts. Neato.


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