The Cure
Since the concert on the 12th, I've been getting more and more into the Cure. I've created a playlist in iTunes based on the show's playlist, minus the new songs, of course. I've perused the web for tabs for certain songs (Just Like Heaven, A Forest...), and I've found an effects tone for my Guitar Pod that's entitled "Like Heaven," and is based off of the Cure's sound in the late 80s. (In case you didn't know, the Guitar Pod is made by Line6, and is small USB module that allows one to connect a guitar to a PC, and the software controls the effects. Playback can be done either through headphones to the device itself, the PC's speakers, or fitted out to an amp. Very cool device.) I'm even adding Cure songs into my big playlist at work... something I'll be doing with my list at home as well...

I noticed a slight discrepancy in music file sizes between my home install and work install. I noticed this when I saw the size of my Big List playlist -- 313 songs, 1 day, 730MB. A similar list of songs was twice the size. Here's why -- burn rate. I usually rip at 64kbps, instead of the default 128kbps. However, my work installation imported everything under 32kbps, and the sound quality is still great. So, I'm converting all my iTunes files at home to 32kbps, and get more songs on my iPod, which will be good come July when I go on vacation.
So Colleen, Johnny (brother-in-law) and I drove into Boston on Monday night to see The Cure.
In case you didn't know, The Cure is C's favorite band of all time. She refers to Robert Smith as "dreamy."
I've dragged C to several concerts (Roger Waters, Jethro Tull) and quite a few club shows (Living in the Past multiple times, The Mood, The Machine), so I figured this was her turn.

So here's the breakdown...
Getting there... )

The show )

Getting home... )

Impressions )

All in all, a good show and a good experience. I wouldn't say no to seeing them again in concert. However, I'm not sure if a Cure tribute band could do justice to Robert Smith's distinctive vocals. This point was also given to me when I asked, "What Cure song could David Cook on Idol do?"


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