T-minus 7 days 10 hours 10 minutes...

Target departure = 23 December @ 1930hrs.
ETA VA = Wee hours of the morning 24 December

Contact after that may be on the sporadic side.
Two-point-some-high-number workdays to go.

Friday evening entails packing the car's trunk before settling in to watch the latest adventure with the Doctor...
0-dark-early Saturday morning, we attach the bike rack and secure my bike to it. Then we pack the backseat, leaving Marcus as the last item to get packed.
So, hopefully by some miracle, we'll be on our way by 0400 Saturday morning.

The Countdown to Ocean City MD is dwindling... and there's still lots of prep to go...
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( Jul. 16th, 2006 10:06 pm)
Left Manassas @ 1000
Made several stops on the way for the loo, food and liquids, and to stretch the legs.
Survived traffic backups and delays on I287, CT Rt 15, I91, I84 and I90 (Mass Pike).
Dropped off large Del Marva Peninsula-grown (that's in MD, folks) canteloupe (1) to Mom.
Arrived at home and had all cargo in apartment and sort of started to settle in at 2000.
Long day.

Will do a recap of what went on during the week.

(1) Actually, it's a muskmelon, since canteloupes are grown overseas in France, and we can't import them here for whatever reason. If you don't believe me, check out the episode of Good Eats that dealt with melons. Either way, these particular ones are sweet, juicy, and extremely tasty. I'd use them in my Canteloupe Coolers -- canteloupe, orange sherbet and orange soda -- but they're too good for that.
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( Jul. 7th, 2006 11:51 am)
I know this has been long overdue, but things have been busy as of late...

Work: It's been rather hectic as of late, as I'm trying to bring my amount of open calls down to a reasonable level before I head off on a week's vacation. When I left for the long weekend (had Monday and Tuesday off for the holiday), I was down to 35 calls. Our group has about 45 total. When I left today (since I was the only one there -- my cohort-in-crime called in sick today, and because of the long weekend I got slammed with call after call after call after call all day...), I was hovering around the 45 mark. Mind you, this is in total, including ten from Wednesday. (Not all are hanging, a bunch are "contacted, left VM".) Gyah.

The Apartment: Not much progress. This week is slated for getting ready for next week. When I get back, I'll tackle the place, since I'll be home alone for a week.

It's Friday, and I'm home because my sacro-iliitis is acting up big time, and I want to get prescription-grade stuff before I head off to the beaches of Ocean City. As per normal with Fallon, I called Urgent Care around 9am. Stayed on hold for over 30 minutes while they triaged the other callers ahead of me. Advised them of my situation, and they said they would call me back with an appointment time. It was getting on 11am when they called and said that the earliest would be at 1pm. Fine. I'm home from work for the day then. At least I can get my kit together so I can pack up tonight.

Vacation is here. Yay! Gods do I need it.

Most likely than not, I won't be able to check my LJ, email, and the like from OC. I'll check on what I can on Saturday 15 July when I get into Manassas for the night. I'll be heading back here on Sunday 16 July. Colleen and Marcus return Saturday 22 July.

Hope everyone has a good time in my absence. See you when I get back!


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