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( Feb. 11th, 2005 02:06 pm)
All right, it's finally Friday.
Half the office is out today, so it feels rather... empty, quiet, almost dead around here.

Now, with the colors, I'm going to have to test something. So this post will be color-free, apart from whatever colors you have your friends page set to.

Had my car inspected this morning. Usually this isn't a big thing, but I was a little over a week and a half late in getting it done. When all was said and done, I got the big red "R" sticker -- one brake light and the plate lights were out. Okay, I've got 60 days to get it taken care of. I'm not going to wait around on this one this time. I'll have it rechecked in a week.

Driving in this morning was absolutely beautiful. It was like the skies had a big shaker with powdered sugar, and did the old Emeril "BAM!" on all the trees and rock faces out there. This is what winter is all about.

Today is the fifth anniversary of the day when [ profile] silvara77 and I first met. She waited for me at Dulles as I flew down there. I remember it fondly. I gave her a beautiful leather-bound journal with a celtic knotwork design on the cover. She gave me a little ceramic wolf statuette. Our first Valentine's weekend together.
I told her that we'd be going out to eat tomorrow night instead of tonight. That way we can use it as a relaxation time after doing some housecleaning.

I got my two D&D books in the mail yesterday: The Complete Arcane and The Complete Adventurer. I'm still going through them. I'm sure they'll be useful later on, especially when I get the data sets for eTools.

Though I stopped somewhere to grab something for a quick nosh after I got in, I still haven't been able to eat anything as of yet. My brekkers is still sitting here on my desk. Oh well, it's nearly lunchtime soon.

[ profile] silvara77 has a doctor's appointment this afternoon. Yet another pre-natal checkup, this time with a glucose test. After I get home, it's going to be interesting seeing what we each have for dinner. I'm having lasagna, she's doing the salad with tofu, with butternut squash ravioli on the side. Hooray for Lent, I guess. Me, I gave up giving things up for Lent for Lent.

Oh, interesting thing at work after I posted yesterday. Right around 1145 or so, the power went out. It lasted for 15, maybe 20 minutes at most, but all the UPS units going off was damned annoying. Still took over an hour afterwards for the email and case databases to come back up afterwards.

That's all for now.
Nothing more to report.
Carry on.


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