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Ever have one of those days where you just can't get the impetus to do anything?
I'm having one of those days, and I think it'll turn out to be one of those weeks.
Four out of five weeknights, I'm involved in some sort of class.
Monday - Dad's Childbirthing Class, 1830-2100. No idea what they'll teach us, really. I'll probably just learn some basics and make the rest up as I go. Dinner at hospital. Snack before bed. Not even going to see home until after class.
Tuesday - Childbirth class, 1830-2100. Dinner at hospital, snack after getting home. Stopping at home to meet up with C, unless the new construction project on 290 causes a major backup on the outskirts of town, and I just tell her to meet me there.
Wednesday - Aikido, 1900-2030. Dinner after I get home.
Thursday - Another child prep course, 1830-2100. Dinner at hospital, snack at home. Same as Tuesday.
Friday - No classes. I can cook. I can relax.

Certainly a historical weekend. We kept CNN on for most of Saturday, not really for anything dealing with being a Catholic or not, but just for the sheer historical value of it all. Of course, I had moved into the living room to eat a late lunch while C had it on in the bedroom. So while I was watching The Office as I ate, she told me that he had passed.
I am sorry for the world, losing such a respected spiritual leader and head of state (effectively), and I am glad that he left in a dignified manner. It was nice to see that he opted to stay in his apartment overlooking St Peter's Square. For some reason, I kept thinking, "He's not going to give up such a great place with one heck of a view until he dies, is he?"
One of the things that happened on Saturday really irked me and C. Some of the cable news channels decided to start Pope-bashing right after it was announced that he was gone. C'mon, guys, a little respect please? The man just died. Show some decency.
Another bit that makes me roll my eyes is the attitude of Prince Charlie Jugears. His wedding falls in the same time frame as the funeral, which means he won't go. Oh come on, please. What's more important here?

Nothing more to report
Carry on
-- pf
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