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( Apr. 7th, 2005 04:01 pm)

The Life of Pink

And so it's Thursday once again, a day which seems pretty much like limbo.
I am exhausted.
Aikido last night was good, but I knew I was making mistakes, not entirely focused on what I was doing.
I got home, pondered on dinner, and settled on the last two waffles in the freezer. I scarfed 'em down while watching a new ep of Mythbusters. I relaxed before sleep by watching a new ep of Good Eats (My Big Fat Greek Sandwich -- all about homemade gyros).
I didn't sleep entirely well last night. Not sure why. I don't feel rested at all.
I'll step out for some air later, help clear the mind and the head.

Made plans for Saturday -- shopping for baby stuff, and the 'rents are coming along.

Another day, another class, last one of this week. I think it's the care-and-feeding class. If I can mentally zone through it, fine, I will, no sweat. I feel like I may want to, anyway. Plus, another dinner in the hospital... check out the caf and the sandwich place again.

Gamer's Den

It looks like I'll finally be doing something with Hackmaster. Goody goody.

That's all I have for now
Nothing more to report
carry on
-- pf
The Floydian Slip


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