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( Apr. 20th, 2005 10:59 am)
This is a post that was going to go out on Monday, but due to a power outage that hit our place at just before 1400, I never got the chance to do so. More will be explained below.

Pink's Life

So where did I leave off?
Saturday was a day of errands. C and I hit That's Entertainment, where we picked up comics for me and big stuffed dice for Marcus. After that it was a lovely trip to WalMart. Yes, I remembered my keys this time. PetCo turned out to be a dud, as they didn't have anything we were looking for. Lunch at Arby's, and then home for a little while.
So later on in the afternoon, I head to Best Buy in Marlboro to purchase my tape deck and have it installed. Very little problem there. I managed to hit the Borders out there for some perusal, but they didn't have anything that was on my list. (I think I'll have to order from Amazon sometime.)
So I christen my new stereo with ZZ Top's "Tube Snake Boogie," Roger Waters' "The Bravery of Being Out of Range (Live)," and Tull's "Jump Start." It sounds really good in there. This morning's ride into work was narrated by Dick Marcinko reading Green Team.
That night was spent at my parents' place for grilled burgers and good convo, as well as presents for Marcus.

Sunday was the game, me running HackMaster. I don't know how they're managing this, but they haven't had a single combat yet in this module. Wow.

So now we're into Tuesday.
Monday turned out to be a lot of fun, with the power outage. Just before the power went, some of our office staff thought that there was a *BOOM* outside. Well as it turned out, a transformer nearby blew up. I was given then go ahead to leg it around 1630, so I did. Not much I could do around here, what with the PCs, network and phones being completely down. (Phones are on a T1 line. No power, no phones.)
But as of Tuesday morning, we're at like 70% capability. We have phones, we have power. We can do internal emails.

We have no contact with the outside world, net-wise. No outside emails. Supposedly, we should have the rest up and running in a little while. I hope so, at least.

Tonight, we have our last childbirth class. Before that, C will be meeting up with a child psychology student who's doing some sort of study. I can't be there for that, as that shindig starts around 1730, and I don't get out of work until then. So I'll just meet her there for the class. If I happen to be running late due to a customer calling in, I won't have to worry about picking C up at home.

So Monday, I finally tried one of the McGriddle sandwiches from Mickey-D's. Somehow, I thought the pancake bits
would be bigger. I had put this off for so long because I just couldn't get my head wrapped around the concept of maple and cheese together. But after tasting the sandwich, I decided it wasn't bad. Just wish it was a little

Note: It's 1416, and we still don't have network access outside our own little world. Who knows when this will get out.
Earliest that the T1 people will be coming: 1700.

End of day.

Gamer's Den
As was mentioned before, I'm running a HackMaster game, finally. Yet I'm finding I'm not really into it as much as I had hoped. Perhaps it's just the timing of it, with Marcus on the way and all.
I've been getting another idea or two for the future... of course, Hack20 is still in mind, but in looking back to a campaign that was Celtic/Irish-based, and that holds some appeal for me. I'll see what may turn up in thoughts as I work on other things.

That's all I have
Nothing more to report
Carry on
-- pf
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( Apr. 20th, 2005 04:18 pm)
Okay, I'm posting a backlog of stuff here, so bear with me. It's all explained below...

Pink's Life
Okay, so, Tuesday night. Birth class, last one. Teacher goes over stuff about post partum blues, depression, and the like. Lots of food, especially the untouched stuff leftover from a meeting that was in the room prior to us. So naturally, I nicked goodies, including a huge plate of brownies that I brought into work for the company barbecue.

So this brings us to Wednesday morning, and lo and behold, both the voice and data T1 lines are down! Huzzah! The
data one was down since the power outage, and the voice went back down this morning.
So, in effect, when it comes to getting anything from the outside world, we are Tommy -- deaf, dumb and blind.
I'm thinking of a word to describe the week so far, and it begins with cluster.
Right now, in my little corner of the workplace, it's f***-all to do...

The one good thing about work today is the fact that we have a barbecue luncheon. I brought two kinds of pickle
chips and two kinds of mayo -- regular, and a spicy mayo. Somehow, I don't think the spicy stuff will go quickly.
Never know though.

Okay... 1100, and it would appear that we are live.
Phones and internet are back up.
What does this mean? Most likely I'll be swamped with calls and such during today.
Lovely. And I'm still flying solo.

Okay, so far not too bad. Things are going all right, no flooding on the phones as of yet.

Hmmm... this place seems to be getting a bit on the warm side, even inside. Bordering on slightly uncomfortable,
especially with no real breeze or the sense of air circulation. In other words, warm and stuffy. Ick.

Ahhh, food... had a burger, hot dog, some beans... made a grazing plate for me for the day with steak tips and
Gonna get good nosh today. Gonna need the energy, as I have aikido tonight. Also have a butter pecan Boost in the fridge here, I'll down that later with a brownie.

End of day.

Nothing more to report
Carry on
-- pf


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