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( Apr. 21st, 2005 05:22 pm)

Pink's Life

It's Thursday.
I can tell not only by looking at the calendar, but also by the feel of the day. It definitely has that limbo feel to it.

No Aikido last night, as it was school vacation week, and the school at which we have our classes was, of course, closed. So it'll end next week. I will definitely be there, unless Marcus decides to play tunnel rat and crawl on out of C's belly.

Tonight is the absolutely last class dealing with any topic of childbirth. Topic: Breastfeeding. I don't know about you, but I don't think Marcus is going to get a whole hell of a lot out of me. I may have the faucet, but there's no plumbing behind the wall, ifyouknowwhatImean...

Didn't bring a lunch today. There's plenty of food leftover from yesterday's barbecue. Gonna do up a double burger, maybe a dog... snag a leftover steak tip to gnaw on during the afternoon...

Couple of things I've noticed when I'm on the phone...
This one is primarily from folks who dwell in the South. (Yes, capital S.) Since when did "uh huh" become a synonym for "You're welcome" and/or "Good bye?" It just sounds so... impersonal, a brush-off, if you will, even if it does sound sincere, which I don't think it is. I make every effort to say "thank you" and some form of civil and coherent sign-off. Why can't everyone else?
However, on a recent observation, I've found myself doing the same thing with "Yep." Time to get whupped upside the haid.
Another thing: when callers ask me how I am, I've taken to saying, "I'm just grand, thanks." I've taken this cue from an Irish comedian (whose name eludes me at the moment), who has stated that no matter how crappy his countrymen feel, they always hide it with a statement like that. They could have the Hangover of the Apocalypse. Ask them how they are. "Oh, I'm just grand, thanks, and yerself?" These people on the phone never catch on to how I really feel, ya know? Just my little bit of covert sarcasm, I suppose.
Whatever keeps you going during the day, and gets you through the night.

Update: Class has been cancelled for tonight. Rescheduling to follow. Of course, if Marcus pops out before we have the class, we're not going to need it. Heh.

End of day
Nothing more to report
Carry on
-- pf


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