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( Apr. 26th, 2005 04:05 pm)

Pink's Life

So, at last, Friday. And what a week it's been, what with power outages, phone and internet links down, a barbecue lunch, last birthing class, postponed aikido and breastfeeding classes, and working on the house so furniture can be moved so we can get more furniture in there.
What fun, eh?

[ profile] silvara77 had mentioned that she wasn't feeling too well this morning in her LJ. Well, there have been times this morning when my stomach didn't feel so wonderful. I'm hoping it wasn't from dinner last night.

That was Friday. Now it's Monday
Let me recap the weekend for you...

On Saturday, my parents came over to help us move the big stuff: nearly everything out of C's room into the space in the front room which I cleared out. I'm amazed that there's still open floorspace in there right now. Then we moved the dressers from the bedroom into C's room, followed by the bed. We're sleeping in there for now, until our new furniture is delivered this coming weekend.

Sunday, we did our usual morning things: C went to mass, I went to the market. Afterwards, we went to That's Entertainment for the weekly comic run, followed by a trip to WalMart to get bedding for the new bed. We did some more cleaning and gathering of garbage that evening, and watched Ocean's Eleven while we ate dinner.

And now we come to Monday. It certainly feels like a Monday. At least I don't have anymore child-related classes to go to.

And, nothing unusual happened on this particular Monday. I'm no longer solo on the support desk, so that's a good thing.

Which brings us now to Tuesday, and already it's proving to be... well... a Tuesday.
I took my bottle of fruit punch in hand, giving it a shake, completely forgetting that the cap had been removed already. I manage to spray punch on my shirt, jeans (not so much on the clothing, but I did change my shirt), the desk, the phone, mouse, a minute amount on the keyboard... so I put myself on Punch Detail and cleaned it all up. Of course, I managed to lose some notes I was planning to use for some cases, but what can I do? They became completely unreadable. *sigh*

I can't believe how short this entry is, and it covers since Friday.

Just got word -- C's in hospital being monitored. She had an ultrasound this morning, and was put on a monitor in the Women and Infant Care section, as her blood pressure was a little high, and she felt very lightheaded. She'll keep me informed as to what's going on and all. If I need to bug out of here for an emergency, I'm doing it, and I'll be hauling tuchus (took-us) down the highway. Cops be damned.

It's now 1600, and I just spoke with C about her situation. She's doing well, and all the tests they have done look good. She's been advised to keep off her feet, something with which I agree very much.

The Day could be rapidly approaching... everyone keep good thoughts and energies moving along...

That's all I have
Nothing more to report
Carry on
-- pf


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