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( May. 4th, 2005 02:43 pm)

Time for a Rant...
It's time for a smackdown, literally, on some more of these super-religious types that are out there.

This all stems from a news story I saw last night, on the national news, no less.
Apparently there are those Christians out there who believe that the Bible sanctions spanking or other forms of physical punishment.
"He who spares his rod hates his son, but he who loves him disciplines him promptly," so the scripture says. The parent who they interviewed stated, "The bottom line is people who do not think it is OK to paddle their children do not believe in God's word."
Yeah, fine, okay. But this is from the Old Testament, when God had a bit of the Tarantino streak in him. Should we follow this set of writings to the letter then, like you do? Okay, then were are your slaves? Have you stoned to death a daughter that has become pregnant before marriage? Where's the calf you intend to slaughter to appease your God?
Folks, this has gotten way out of hand. People are now using religion as an excuse to hit not only an enemy, but also a loved one. However, they will argue that it's never out of anger, it's out of love, and a way to have the message they're trying to teach... erm... hit home.
One lady said that God gave us a fleshy part of the body that can take a little sting and not leave any lasting damage. Yeah okay fine, but what about those who may take things a little too far and really whallop the kid?
Then there was this guy who creates paddles with "Never With Anger" stamped on them, and gives them away free on the Internet. I'm wondering if this guy has watched those scenes in Animal House and Dazed and Confused a few times too many. I'm not talking about ping-pong paddle size implements either -- these are like three feet long and a good four to five inches wide, with a thickness of less than an inch. I shudder to think what sort of wood he would use -- hard or soft? And to top this off, there's another device that's a nylon whipping stick that's designed solely for giving your child the good news.
All this business causes me -- and other Christians out there, apparently -- to cry: WTF?
Now don't get me wrong, Christians are divided on the subject. Many other Christian groups, including the United Methodists and even some Catholic dioceses, are against this sort of thing. They'd rather take the kinder, gentler approach that Jesus -- the Dude that all Christians follow in their own way -- took, considering children as the greatest of all treasures, or something to that effect. "The greatest in the kingdom of heaven."

And here's another question: at what age does the child become too old to spank? I would love to see one of these Stricter-than-thou people when they're about sixty or so, putting their thirty-something child over their knee and giving a few whacks just because they mouthed off or something like that. There's a picture to behold.

At what point does this become abuse? At what point does this instill a sense of "violence is okay" into a kid? I know, it may or may not happen. I was spanked as a child, and I'm not a violent person.

Here's another question I would like to pose, aiming at those readers of mine who have children: when was the last time you spanked your child? Have you ever spanked your child?
When was the last time you were spanked -- as a child, I mean, not because some woman in black leather told someone to give you twenty with a cricket bat.
Does anyone have any painful memories or odd quirks from being spanked? Me, I haven't been spanked in at least 25 years, yet I still get a slightly nervous feeling whenever I see Mom reach for the Wooden Spoon. That thing really hurt, you know.
Me, I doubt I'll spank my kid. I know there may be reason to do so at some point, but I would feel that using physical punishment like that is more of the last resort than anything else. I would rather ground Marcus for a week or make him do extra chores around the house than spank him. It has nothing to do with religion or anything like that. It's just that I could never see myself raising a hand against a loved one, no matter what. It's not in my nature.
Which puts me against these people. I don't care how many times they have to spank their kids in a lifetime. Once a day or once a life, it may be too much. The kid may be scarred. If you have to do it once and the kid learns the lesson and you don't need to spank again, okay, maybe it's good. But don't go overboard with it, please, please, please don't tell me that God told you it's okay to do it.

The above ravings were the product of my own thought processes and not influenced by anyone else, save a certain Mr Miller for way of thinking and spewing forth the words. These words do not reflect the opinion or mindset of anyone else connected with LiveJournal. They do not reflect your opinion. Discussion is welcome and encouraged.
But then again, I could be wrong.

Pink's Life

Wednesday is upon us, and still no sign of Marcus showing a desire to see the World. He must really be comfortable inside there, else he'd be doing his own re-enactment of The Great Escape. You'd think he'd appreciate all the hard work we've gone through in order to get his room ready and all that, but no, he's happy right where he is. C'mon, already, let's get the show on the road! Mommy and Daddy are getting anxious here, boyo, as are your uncle and grandparents!

We've been enjoying the new bedroom set immensely. Watching TV at night in the bedroom is a real comfort, and now there's a decent place to put everything (drinks, snacks, remotes, etc.) C spent pretty much all day in bed yesterday on my orders backed up by the doctor. Right now, she needs to get all the rest she can get her hands on. Me, I'm enjoying the larger amount of space that's available. I don't feel like I have to sleep right at the edge of the bed in order to give her the room she needs.
The bed sort of reminds me of a plush hotel bed -- the euro top gives the plush comfort, yet the mattress underneath has a decent firmness to it.

Rant already posted. Something I saw on the news the other night just gave me a WTF moment...

On Monday, I had an appointment with my GI specialist. Nothing big, just an office visit and Q&A time. Basically, IBD isn't fun and games, it's serious, and can lead to even more serious probs. But if I stay the course and do as I'm told, which is pretty much taking my meds religiously, I should be all right. Marcus has a chance of developing IBD, since it can be passed along genetically, but then again he may not. It can be seen in clusters within families. That was one of my biggest concerns. What I was happy about was the fact that I was up to about 168-169 in weight -- a good five pounds heavier than the last time I went to the doc earlier this year. Yay me.
But enough about this stuff.

This past Sunday, a full day after having seen Hitchhiker's Guide, I finally picked up Salmon of a Doubt. I've only gotten as far as the prologue. I quite enjoyed the introduction and the introduction to the introduction, though.

The Dice Bag
Okay, on Monday I received a copy of Celtic Age, which I won from eBay. I've been going through it here and there, getting ideas for a Celtic-flavored campaign world, and I want it to be similar to a campaign I was once in, and not as, well, restrictive as what the book has. I don't want to limit or eliminate specific classes that people can take, but I know which ones may not be appropriate. Same goes with races; I have ideas on the background for that.
With that said, I'm pretty much limiting myself to specific gaming projects which I hope will come to fruition. They are:
The Summerlands -- the Celtic-based D&D 3.5e campaign. Title is only a working one.
Hack20 -- the marriage of Hackmaster and D&D 3.5e. I may convert the campaign I started over to this when it's done.
SOPFOR -- Department of Homeland Security Special Operations Force. This is the military arm of the operations. I'm thinking on the HERO system (using Dark Champions), primarily for the cons. Maybe also for some fiction.
A Real American HERO -- Think GI Joe, primarily. Again, using the HERO system.

End of Report
Carry on
-- pf


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