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( May. 10th, 2005 12:11 pm)

Pink's Life

So today is Tuesday 10 May 2005. I've decided that I'm going to hold off on taking my floaters until after Colleen's mom heads back home. That way it can be just the three of us. I've surprised many people at work with this news, but hey, it will beat sitting around the house with not much to do... Colleen and her Mom will be fussing over Marcus to no end.
The whole story of the birth and afterwards is being polished for publishing on here, so it may be another day or two before it hits LJ.
Mommy and baby are doing just fine. Dad's rather tired right now, but he'll get through the day.

There's another piece that I'm penning concerning everything afterwards -- observations, emotional issues, and the like.

I'm still just amazed at the little guy. I truly am. When he's dozing in my arms, it's one of the most calming effects I have ever felt. In fact, my Dad did an anagram of his name: Calm Source. Guess he didn't have much to do one night.

Colleen and Marcus are coming home on Wednesday.
We ran into a slight snag while building the crib last night. The design was all right, but the engineering quality got mucked up somewhere. There's a tongue and groove but that's just a gnat's wing or two off, so they won't go together. My solution is to either make the groove a little bigger and/or shave a little off the tongue. Other than that, it should go swimmingly. However, I will be contacting them to register a complaint.

I will tell you that security is extremely tight in the infant care section. He's tagged with a security device around an ankle. I said it was from the Martha Stewart line of baby fashion. Every time they bring him to the room, they check our bracelets for the right name and tag number. No matter how much of a hassle this may seem to be to some people, it's a comfort knowing that someone's not going to walk out with your kid.

Have I mentioned how amazed I am at everything that's been going on?

He's got a reputation in the ward already, just because he's big. He's like the alpha male of the nursery. People have already asked if he's signed on with the Patriots as a linebacker yet. Another nurse said that he will be getting a lunchbox soon, since he looks like he should be going to school any day now.
He also likes to play this game. He takes a quick squinty peek with one eye to see if anyone's looking, and if anyone is anywhere close to glancing in his direction, they shut nice and tight. I think he loves teasing us like that. I love looking into his eyes, even if they're not focusing on me just yet.
I love holding onto him.
I love talking to him, even if all he gets is the sound of any adult from the Peanuts cartoons.
What amazed Colleen was when I just took charge and changed a diaper for the first time without any fuss or complaining. I just did it. Sort of like on autopilot. Probably was, since I barely got any sleep the first night in hospital.
But more on that in Part 2 of The Dad Chronicles.
Perhaps I need a new color for that one too...

Suffice it to say, I didn't stay in the hospital the whole time. No no. Saturday morning, everyone (except for Colleen and Marcus) went to breakfast at Riley's (up the street from the apartment... great food cheap), and I took Johnny to That's Entertainment. We then went back to the hospital. Sunday I went out and did a couple of errands before staying at the hospital again. Monday I had a couple of doctor's appointments, plus some errands in the evening. Tonight is the last night I'm sleeping there. Well, since they're being discharged on Wednesday, it's kind of a given. It would look damned silly if I just showed up there to crash after they've gone, right?
I still feel like I've been living there for all this time. I've eaten so much out of the hospital cafeteria... don't get me wrong, the food's pretty good, though I wouldn't recommend their grilled chicken sandwich: tough, dry, overcooked, I couldn't bite into the bugger.

We're most likely going to get either a digital camera or a camcorder. Thing is, the camcorders don't take good stills. This is still sort of up in the air. It's an early birthday present for Colleen from her parents. We looked at Best Buy already. Maybe a trip to Circuit City is in order too?

More later as news develops.


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