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( May. 27th, 2005 12:02 pm)
or whatever the hell this is...

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Pink's Life
At last we come to Friday. Worth the wait. I've already seen some blue skies this morning, and I've managed to find my sunglasses, hopefully needed for the ride home.
I'm eagerly awaiting 1730 today... because I won't be back at work until 6 June. (Say, isn't that D-Day?)

Last night was also the first night that Colleen and I had Marcus to ourselves. After dinner, around 2000, I told Colleen to get her head down for a while, and I would look after the kiddo.
We had fun. We watched some Monty Python, and then I switched it over to The Last Samurai. I ended up changing his diaper and put hi in his jammes, too, and he didn't put up much of a fuss. As a treat for him, I read the intro and half of the first chapter to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy to him, with voices and everything.
At 2200, I brought Marcus into the bedroom so that Colleen and I could both spend some time with him before bed. We had a really good talk about what had happened at the hospital. I feel like I'm rehashing what I've said before, and what her counselor had said earlier that day, but it's helping her deal with what had happened. She's going to be down, sad, and angry over the results, but it's what happened, and at least she's around to feel that way about it.
When I left this morning, they were both in bed, dozing away. Had to snap a picture or two.

So my plans for the weekend?
Saturday will probably be a day of errands.
Sunday will be the market and rebuilding the PC.
Monday, BBQ at my parents' house.
What else during my week off?
Marcus has a doc's appointment on Wednesday.
Colleen goes to see her counselor on Thursday.
Cable guy's coming on Friday to swap out one of our cable boxes for a DVR model.
During this time, I will be working on the front room too. Both Colleen and I have need of it for our various hobbies.

Oh, and be careful out on the highways, folks. Staties are out in force. Saw a... a... what's the collective noun for a bunch of policemen? Anywho, I saw a few of them this morning, yanking people over in a speed trap. Me, I keep up with traffic, so long as it's no more than +10 over the limit.

1130 - phones down again. Freakin' love it.

In case I don't see any of you beforehand, have a good holiday weekend, and I'll be posting next week from home!
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( May. 27th, 2005 01:30 pm)
Breakfast Anyone?

1. What was your favorite breakfast cereal when you were a kid?
2. What is the best toy/prize you ever got in a box of cereal or because of sending in UPC’s?
3. How do you take your eggs (scrambled, over easy, egg beaters)?
4. What is your favorite breakfast meat (bacon, ham, sausage)?
5. What is your favorite spot (local or chain restaurant) for breakfast and where is it located?

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Pink's Life

I'd like to do something that's more personal with this post, especially with the biggest thing that's happened in my life since, well... the wedding.

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