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( Jun. 22nd, 2005 11:02 am)
Idiots abound yet again...

This one goes out to the members of the Westborough Baptist Church, hailing from somewhere in the Midwest. I'm sorry if I get any information on this group wrong, as I can't find anything in any of the news websites about their activities.

I was planning on penning a nice rant about them a month or so ago when they were planning on coming to our fair state and protesting a public school because a student had won an essay contest by writing about Ellen Degeneres, a publically-known lesbian. Their protest was along the lines of the URL to their website -- God Hates Fags.
Gee, what a lovely Christian concept.
And they're showing their steadfast belief in that concept once again, coming to our area to protest at the memorial services of two local servicemen who have fallen in the line of duty. Not because they were homosecuals, mind you, but because they were defending a country that allows homosexual activities and relationships to exist.
What a slap in the face this is to these two fallen soldiers. They chose to disrespect two men who gave their lives to their nation, defending their rights to protest and cause said disrespect.
An amazing circle, isn't it?

Apparently these jerkoffs have the means and opportunity to travel around the country and stage protests. Okay, I think they have waaaaaay too much time on their hands. These people are willing to waste their vacation times from their jobs to do this, instead of going to the beach, or camping, or whatever. Protesting a military funeral is a vacation to these people? Come on now... you must have a better, more constructive way to pass your free time. Take your kids on a real vacation. Don't teach them to hate. That's real Christian of you. Love thy neighbor, unless he's a man with a better sense of style than you, apparently.
How about a counter-protest? Let's get the population of P-town and Northampton, fly them out to their church, and see how they like a picket line surrounding them.

I'm thoroughly convinced that Heaven has sections for different faiths. Over here, we have the Roman Catholics, with an annex for the Irish. In this corner, we have the Lutherans. Over by the pool are the Baptists (no piddling in the shallow end, please). Behind the door in the Catholic section we have the Episcopalians (Church of England, for those who didn't know). And so on...

You know what the problem with these Baptists is? They don't hold them under long enough.
(No offense to any Baptists who do not subscribe to the same inanities as the above-mentioned group. This is targeted at them, not Baptists in general.)

I would love to see what would happen if one of the jokers in this group suddenly realizes that he is gay. Does he tell anyone? Does he keep it a secret? Does he just disappear into the night? If it got out, it would be like blood in the water at a Great White gathering. (And I'm not talking about the band, either.)

In the end, folks, let me just say this to you: Get the Fuck Over It. Live and let live. You're Christians, by God. You just don't show it.
Thank you for teaching us that your God is the right God. Apparently my God, who loves everyone, is inferior to your God, who is selective about who he loves.
I don't believe in your God.
But you know what?
My God has a bigger dick than your God, so neener.

The above ravings were the product of my own thought processes and not influenced by anyone else, save a certain Mr Miller for way of thinking and spewing forth the words. These words do not reflect the opinion or mindset of anyone else connected with LiveJournal. They do not reflect your opinion. Discussion is welcome and encouraged.
But then again, I could be wrong.
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