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( Sep. 14th, 2005 10:16 am)

Well now it's Wednesday, middle of the week. Sometime after lunch, we will have risen over the crest and slowly begun the descent toward the weekend.

Stopped at Best Buy on the way home last night. Picked up Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Fever Pitch: Curse Reversed Edition. Also snagged Mystery Men on the cheap. My big find, though, was finding a Floyd tribute album called Back Against the Wall. One of the big selling points with me was that within the all-star lineup on the CD was none other than Ian Anderson, who does vocals on one track ("The Thin Ice") and flute on two ("The Thin Ice" and "Goodbye Blue Sky").
Watched the season premiere of House MD and the series premiere of Bones. The former I love; the latter, I have to watch a few more eps before I can make a full opinion.

Marcus has a doctor's appointment this afternoon. It's not going to be pleasant, as he has to get a multitude of shots. However, he is making progress on the rice cereal. We're getting more in his mouth, and he's keeping more in than just letting it dribble down his chin.

More later as news warrants.



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