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( Dec. 13th, 2005 12:04 pm)

Okay, so I went to Medical Center and downed the two pills for the thyroid uplift. Also managed to untagle the snafu with the appointments. One doc had me going in for the one this week; the endocrinologist had me for one next week. Got the later one cancelled.

Gods, I'm going to need this vacation. I'm going to use it to work on my huge City setting for D&D. Right now, until I can get some basic mapping done on the PC, I'm working on the pantheon, then I'll work on districts and government and other city functions.

Current books: Deep Black: Biowar by Stephen Coonts and Jim DeFelice (work); Map of Bones by James Rollins (home). I think I like the second one better.

Think I might have a nap after my scan this afternoon.



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