pfloyd: (TG - JC Facepalm)
( Feb. 19th, 2009 01:36 pm)
Okay, after four nights of futzing about... I finally got it so that we have sound from the DVD recorder going to the TV.

How, might you ask?

The folks at Sanyo and I had already run through everything, determined it wasn't the TV...
As a part of my testing, I took the damned thing into the living room, hooked it up to the TV there, and lo and behold it worked... after a Level 1 flunkie tech at Samsung (maker of the DVD recorder) kept pushing for me to take it into service.
I took it back to the bedroom, reconnected it, and tested --- sound!

The only thing I can think of?
Unplugging to power cord.

Apparently cycling the power strip wasn't enough. It needed to be completely devoid of power.

Weird, but it works.


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