If it seems like I'm rambling on and on and on more than I usually do, I hope you will forgive me. I've been awake since a bit after 0500, and I'm not used to that, especially when I don't get to sleep until after 2330.

Last night was just a typical night at home. Nothing exciting to report.

Forced evacuations are looming over the heads of Katrina's victims down south. And these people don't want to go anywhere.
You don't want to leave your home, with water that's so nasty the Hudson River looks like Poland Spring? Fine. Here's a form for you to sign - a waiver stating that if you stay here and ignore the forced evacuation, you are stating that you will not be asking the city, county, parish, state or federal government for any aid whatsoever during this crisis. This includes medical care, restitution for damages, food and water, and welfare. Think about that as the muck and disease-infested tides come washing through your door.
Oh, and if you won't sign and still refuse to leave, we have the right to arrest you. (Not sure what the charge will be, personally, but here come the handcuffs.)
People are so stupid, you know? It's not worth dying over this. Swallow your pride, get on the boat, get cleaned up and some hot food down your neck. It's that simple.

Oh, and after yesterday's announcement that people are refusing to come up to Otis ANGB because it's too far from (their now nonexistant) home, now they're bringing in a bunch of displaced people. I know they'd want to stay down there, but their resources are getting tapped, and beggars can't be choosers, folks. Take what you can get. It ain't much, but it's better than sleeping by the side of a highway.

I am feeling so wonky right now... head feels light and heavy at the same time. Maybe I'll bin TV after 2200 tonight and just try to get some sleep after putting Marcus to bed. (Bath night for him tonight too. That should make it fun.)
It's that feeling I get after a night or two of heavy insomnia, which I haven't had in a good while.

Searching for a topic for this week's entry into the [livejournal.com profile] friday_fu. I've got nothing brewing this time.

So here are the projects/ideas I have going:
Morrow Project d20 - powered by Stargate SG1 which is powered by Spycraft
Some sort of D&D 3.5e campaign that has a long-running theme with "acts" or major goals like Diablo II.
A more normal D&D 3.5e campaign where I can use a whole bunch ol old 1e and 2e modules intermixed with 3.5e modules... some story-based ones mixed in with good old dungeon crawls.
Hudson City's Most Wanted -- Dark Champions police-style campaign. Inspired by TNT's Wanted. This may be more of a convention idea.
I'd like to work on a modern d20 horror campaign, but not use D20 Modern. I don't want to use classes. Maybe use Call of Cthulhu d20 with some different rules for magick and psychic abilities... maybe even bring back the Bureau campaign...

Can't wait for the Saturday games to start once again. New player joining us, too. Wonder what kind of character he'll be bringing to the party.



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