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( Sep. 2nd, 2008 11:55 am)
So C and I decide that it's high time to upgrade our mobile phones. We stick with AT&T, even though we know that some of the coverage is dodgy at best in certain spots, but my parents have AT&T as well as C's mom, so...

I do some research online, and find one that I like. The total online cost would be $40 after rebate. I print out a list for C to peruse.

We go to the AT&T store, as planned, so that we can check them out in real life instead of just going by a picture. My phone isn't in the store. C finds one that she likes, and after a bit of fiddling, I find that I like it too. We make a simple enquiry about the coverage of AT&T, whether or not they'll be improving it. The AT&T rep in the store was, for lack of a better description, snotty and seemed like she was put out answering a slightly technical question. When asked what area we had trouble with, C responded with, "Salisbury Street, particularly around Forest." The rep just said (rather snottily), "I live on Sailsbury Street and I haven't had a problem. It must be your phones."
Now granted, our little Samsungs aren't the top of the line, and they are over two years old... but we still didn't deserve the attitude. We left there, of course, as we didn't want to shell out over a hundred bucks per phone, even if the kits did include the Bluetooth pieces.

So later in the day, I meander up to Best Buy, where we originally switched to Cingular (now the New AT&T). I see the phone we want. I look at the upgrade price --- Free!!! (The magic word!)
So on Sunday, we go up there and upgrade both phones. C takes the red/black model. I wanted black/black, but they were out, so I also opted for red/black. I was given the option to swap for a black/black on Wednesday, but I figured, why? The red looks good. We'll be able to tell whose is whose by the image on the mini screen.

So now we have Nokia 6555 units, and Motorola Bluetooth earpieces. We each also have a car charger. All that kit for less than a C-note.
Not bad...
Okay, apparently someone up in MCI (that's Massachusetts Correctional Institute) Shirley (Medium) has got the big idea of continuously calling us, trying to complete a collect call. The location is the same, but it's been from several different phone numbers. The calls started late Monday afternoon, went into the evening, and stopped after 2130 or so.
So far, we've asked Verizon to put a Collect Calls Block on our account. Fine, but it will take a few days for it to cycle through the other companies, like the Do Not Call List. Not perfect, but it should work.
We've received two calls already today, at least that I know of. I'm sorely tempted to actually answer one of these, find out who's doing it, why he keeps calling, and if it's just a wrong number, inform him of that fact.
If it continues after that, I would consider that harassment, and possibly bring the police into the picture.

Any ideas on what else we can do?


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