I went to my follow-up appointment last night at Fallon Urgent Care. At first, they charged me for a visit ($20 copay), but that was then refunded as it was a follow-up.
They removed the dressing and pulled the packing gauze from the wound, and saw that there was a bit more to be drained, so it was repacked and dressed with a smaller bandage.

When they flushed it out, I got that same cool/clammy/nauseous feeling that one gets before they hurl. Happened to me quite a bit during the initial draining.
From what I've been told, it's a natural reaction. Still, I recovered from it quickly.

I have to go back for another look-see tonight.
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( Aug. 26th, 2008 03:48 pm)
Over the past week or so, the cyst that's been lodged in the side of my neck started to rear its ugly head and grow again... this time to proportions that made me think I was sprouting an extra head... (What's next, a third arm?)
Behind here to protect the squeamish. )
I have to go back tonight to get the dressing changed.
I'm also on Bactrim for the time being.
I may end up having some minor surgery in the near future to get rid of the damned thing.

So you saw my rant yesterday against Fallon Urgent Care. Well, here's Part 2...

I walk into Urgent Care last night, and do all the check-in details. When asked if I had an appointment, I said, "No, but not for lack of trying. I rang here at least eight times to get a slot, but no one picked up the phone." The nurses behind the desk just sort of shrugged it off as if it was status quo or whatnot. I didn't make any big deal of it, since it looked like I was going to be seen.
After a five minute wait, I was triaged, and then sent back to the waiting room to wait for an open room. That was another ten minutes. I was placed into a room, and told to take off my shirts and put on a johnny. "Easier said than done," I thought to myself, as my left arm is just on this side of useless. Still, I manage to do so within a couple of minutes.
Not too long after that, the doc comes in, and checks me out. He sees that I can't lift my arm to the side very well, and he does a couple of pressure point checks. One spot hurt more than others. He then tells me that it's one of two possibilities, but we won't know until I get X-rays done. So I get my kit back on and go downstairs to radiology. I get two pics done standing up, and then one on my back, with the tech telling me to raise my arm and put my hand behind my head. I can only get so far, and advise her on such. We do the best we can on that, and I go back upstairs.
The doc comes in, shows me the scans on the computer (Fallon is now becoming oh-so-modern with PCs in each exam room now), and indicates the calcium deposits in my shoulder -- tendonitis. This actually explains a lot to me, as I had noticed over the years that if I try to raise my left arm straight up, I couldn't get it all the way without a little discomfort. Now I know why.
So maybe 15 minutes later, I'm walking out of the building with a bottle of Naproxen (500mg, twice per day) and another with Percocet (one, at night before bed). If I'm not seeing any marked improvement by early next week, I need to call my doc's office to discuss a cortisone shot.

But at least that's one mystery less.

I got home just after 800pm (spent maybe 90 minutes in total at UC). Marcus gave my shoulder a kiss, as we told him that I had a boo-boo there. What a sweetie!

I took a Naproxen last night as I ate dinner, then a Percocet as I was having a pre-sleep snack (B&J Mint Chocolate Cookie ice cream with Hershey's Special Dark syrup, followed by some Utz Puffin' Corn). I did feel that groovy sensation that Percs give me before I finished reading, and then I turned out the light and went to sleep.
I woke up feeling great -- not groggy or in a stupor, which is sort of odd with Percs or anything of that sort. Shoulder feels about the same, but I'll work on that.
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( Jan. 9th, 2006 09:21 am)

Sunday evening proved to be an interesting one.
For the past few days, Marcus has been suffering from a bit of a cold -- sniffles, runny nose, etc. We started to give him some infants' cold medicine (just Tylenol/Sudafed mix, no cough stuff). However, over the past couple of days, he started to cough.
In the middle of the night (or the wee hours of Sunday morning, take your pic), we noticed that he was feeling really warm, so we gave him another dose of the meds. Okay, he ended up sleeping in the bed with us, since he got comfy and all. He felt fine in the morning and throughout the day.
However, when we got home from errands on Sunday afternoon, he felt really warm, and was still coughing. Keep in mind that we hadn't given him any meds during the day since he pretty much felt okay and was his normal self. We took his temperature -- 101.4. Colleen called Pediatric Urgent Care, and got him an appointment for 1930, which was, at the time, an hour away. We bundled him up and brought him in.
The doc checked out his ears and his lungs, and heard something in one of his lungs. Next step: blood draw and chest film. Okay.
Colleen held him for the blood draw, which he didn't like. Colleen stayed with him in X-Ray while he was strapped into a plastic brace (I called it the Plastic Maiden) to keep him still. He was a brave little trooper through the whole thing, even though he fussed and cried through the labs.
We went back up to UC, and was told that he has a small patch of pneumonia. Well, how did he get that? As usual per this time of year, there's a lot of crap and illness going around the air, so he may have just picked something up somewhere. Happens.
He got a dose of antibiotics (one shot in each leg), and he's going back in for a followup and more antibiotics this afternoon.
He was his normal self the rest of the night. He fell asleep in C's arms after a bottle and a small dose (not a full recommended dose) of Benadryl, and slept through the night.
Looks like we caught this one just in time, right at the beginning.

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( Dec. 7th, 2005 10:50 am)

So yesterday I was at Worcester Medical Center at 0600 or so, checking in to get my tuchus scoped. In all fairness, everything went well, including the drugs. Oh boy did they work well. I was out for the whole procedure. I barely remember asking how long (not even completing the question of how long it would take for the drugs to take effect) and hearing "Ten or fifteen minutes." Next thing I know, I'm in recovery. I was able to walk out under my own power, and was dropped off with Marcus at my parents' house. Between 10am (or thereabouts) and 3pm, I was dead to the world. After that, I got food and liquids in my stomach, and was feeling better.
Upshot: the left side of my colon (my guess is descending) is active; the rest is not. I get to keep taking asacol (3 doses of 2 tabs a day) plus one tab of azathioprine a day. What's that? It's an immunosuppressive. They give this stuff to transplant patients so the new organ doesn't get rejected. Mind you, I'm taking a reduced dose of it, so I shouldn't have any major problems.

So what's next? I have my thyroid scan next week, as well as another blood stick.
Oh well, at least this is getting done before my vacation in just over two weeks. There's nothing that's going to stop me from going.

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( Nov. 14th, 2005 11:02 am)

More of a weekend update than anything here...

Got up early so that we were out the door before 830am in order to get in line at the May Street Fallon Clinic for their Flu Shots. We were there at like 840am, and parking was already a mess. The line was wrapping through the upper parking lot. You'd think it was a damned Ikea opening up. However, once the doors opened, people were moving fairly quickly. We were out of there by 940am. Plenty of time for me to get to Fallon at Plantation Street so that I could get my other arm needled as well, this time to have blood drawn for routine CBC.
Afterwards, we spent the afternoon gaming, and had a relaxing evening at home.

Sunday: Drove to Idylwilde Farms in Acton to pick up lunch and other assorted goodies, then drove back to the Wachusett Reservoir for a picnic lunch. However, it was rather windy and was getting chilly by the time we ate (mid-afternoon), so we didn't stay long.

We discovered some new and nifty things with Marcus this past week:

  • He can sit up for longer periods of time. He's learning balance and support, and if he's at an angle, he can pull himself up into a sitting position.

  • He's learning how to give five.

  • His underarms are extremely ticklish. Same can go with the soles of his feet -- and when you blow on his feet, he'll laugh.

  • He loves the Blanket Game. This requires two people to play properly. Put kid in middle of blanket. Other two folks each take an end. Lift kid in blanket. Start swinging back and forth. For some variation, add bounces and rolling inside blanket. You'll have your kid laughing in no time. Marcus loves it.

Nothing like the sound of a baby laughing like that. That and his huge smile will make any Bad Day melt away.

I now have an appointment for a consult with an endicronologist, concerning my thyroid. November 30, late afternoon.
Ball is rolling.
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( Nov. 8th, 2005 12:07 pm)

Okay, so I finally get a call from my real doctor yesterday. What did he find? I may be dealing with what's called subclinical hyperthyroidism.
What's that, I hear you ask.
Basically, my T3 and T4 hormone levels are pretty much on the ball. It's the TSH levels that are off kilter, indicating that my thyroid is being overstimulated, hence the hyperthyroidism.
What's next? Thyroid scan, referral to an endocrinologist. Hopefully this can be treated with just medication, and not radiation and/or surgery.
Just what I need, another condition. And it took a doctor who has never seen me before, on a possibly unrelated batch of symptoms to get the ball rolling here.
At least the specialist's office is only a stone's throw away from my flat.
I should be hearing from my doc's office today about appointment times.

In other news...
Not a lot going on otherwise.
Marcus is cutting a bottom tooth... maybe two.
He's eating peaches now, and even Colleen thinks they're a little on the sour side. We got a couple of good sour face pics last night.
Feeling okay otherwise, but I could do with a nap after lunch.

Is it just me, or does everyone else think that the Patriots aren't going to go very far this year? Playoffs maybe, but we lost to Indianapolis last night -- big loss. They have too many first-stringers injured. Bruschi's return was great for morale, and he's a fantastic player, but apparently it wasn't enough last night. Perhaps this just isn't Boston's year for titles, folks. Let's face up to it.
Maybe if we had more cheerleaders like the Carolina Panthers...

But I digress.
More later when things become newsworthy.

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( Oct. 24th, 2005 02:27 pm)

Okay, remember how I got a blood test last Monday? Well, it turns out the anemia's rearing its ugly head again, so I'm doing more of the iron than I normally do. Natch.
The thyroid test, however, didn't show anything unusual. However, they want me to get stuck again this Wednesday, for a CBC and another thyroid test.
Why the thyroid? Well... it may explain my inability to gain weight, as well as some of my other symptoms, like the eyes that seem to stare at you.
So I've started to do some investigation into hyperthyroidism. Now I would like to find out if there's a possible lin between what I have, and what I suspect I have. It certainly would explain a lot.
This is defintely one of those times when I wish I could reach my doctors through email.

On another front...

Construction in front of my landlord's building continues. Almost didn't make it out of the driveway this morning, as one of the workers decided to park his big honkin' pickup behind me, even though he saw me putting my stuff in my car and heading for the driver's side door. Asshole.

I can't wait to get home and see Marcus tonight. Even though I saw him all weekend long, played with him, fed him, and the like, I miss the little critter.
He's sitting in a high chair for dinner now, and he's got this saucer-type toy platform where he can stand in the center and rotate around the saucer in a little turret. It's cute to watch him play with the stuff.

More later when necessary.



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