As we all know, today is Tax Day, or as I like to call it, Paying Admission to the National Freak Show.

/start rant

I have all my forms ready, envelopes done up, set to go.
I stop at the small Post Office on Rt 20 in Northboro, as it's on the way to work, intent on using the Self Service kiosk.
At first, I find out that I flubbed the ZIP for the state return. No biggie, save that for a moment.
So I do a postage/certified label for my federal return, and it comes up with the print label option, showing a label (without dimensions -- take notes, kiddies, this bit of info becomes important) and asking, "Will this label fit on your envelope?"
Without any frame of reference or anything to point to the contrary, I keyed "Yes" on the screen.
The label printed... and discovered that the short dimension was equal to the height of the envelope... and was too big to fit on the front.
So I bring it to the desk clerk, after I fixed it to the back, asking if it would work. He said that it should, but also that I should have bypassed that option and found where to print the smaller label. It was at that point that I had advised him that no size option was given, it only showed that label, without dimensions, so I had to guess. Of course, he did say, "I didn't program it, I only work here." I suggested that he push that suggestion higher up the chain so that someone may listen.

Just in case that didn't go anywhere else, I emailed customer service at

We'll see how far this flies.

/end rant
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( Sep. 20th, 2007 12:24 pm)
Two parties are the target of this rant... followed by an example of what these people are moving away from instead of striving to be...

Now I don't want to get off on a rant here... )
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( Jun. 27th, 2007 09:57 am)
It's a sad thing to see a child die for no apparent reason.
Case in point:
This weekend, an 8-year-old boy was shot dead in his home.
The mother and her boyfriend said that a man intruded their home and shot the kid.
Now it turns out that the kid's 7-year-old cousin was playing with a gun and accidentally shot him.
Local Boston politicians are blaming the gun and the NRA for what happened.
Look at a few other points here:
1. The boy's sperm-donor father is a convicted murderer who is currently serving a four-year sentence for going on an armed robbery spree.
2. The boy's mother has a criminal record herself, as does the boyfriend.
3. The firearm in question was in the house ILLEGALLY!!!!!!
4. The gun was not locked up or stored in a secure location.

Now, does the NRA have any control over points 3 and 4? NO! That is up to the adults who have control over the gun. If you see a child playing with a real gun, loaded or not, wouldn't you feel some sort of urgency to take it away from him? Apparently they didn't. There was not one responsible person, adult, teen or child, in that house. Hell, after calling 911 to report the shooting, the adults rang up a pizza delivery!
And an innocent child pays for their negligence and stupidity.
And because of this, we law-abiding firearms owners will pay the price.

(Side note: I think a lot of my posts these days will have a song title as the subject header... sometimes you may have to Google the title to find out who did the song. In this case, I'll spare you the effort -- it's a little-known Roger Waters song that was released a couple of years ago on the internet, along with Leaving Beirut.)
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( Sep. 14th, 2006 04:42 pm)
Okay, mild rant here...

I am now officially sick of one particular word in the modern use of the English Language.

That word is "dude."
How did I get sick of this word?
Rockstar: Supernova, that's how. I got so sick of Dave Navarro saying it to nearly everyone who performed. I just started to grate on my nerves. (This was seconded by the flagrant overuse of the word "awesome.")
Oh, and let us not forget the commercial for Thomas' Bagel Squares, which plays several times during the day. With that one, it's the way that they say it, with a nearly-elided 'u' in the middle. It almost sounds like "düd" (try saying a u and i together simultaneously... it's a German thing), only shorter. Also grating.

To me, there's only one instance where the word "dude" should be uttered. It is a term of endearment, respect, and a monument to slackerdom everywhere.
It should only be uttered to (or in reference to) one person, and one person only.
Jeffrey Lebowski.

The Dude abides.
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( Apr. 21st, 2006 11:45 am)
Okay, rant time...

Morning radio in these parts, at least in my view from what I've sampled, comes in certain varieties:
1. Music with weak attempts at witty banter between songs. (ex: WZLX, which happens to be my main station after 10am)
2. News and current events. (WBUR, which is the local NPR station.)
3. News and current events, with some sort of humor intermixed. (Imus in the morning, which until recently had been my main morning choice.)
4. Morning talk radio. (WBCN with David Lee Roth... but wait, more on this in a minute.)
5. Entertainment -- humor with everything else mixed into it. (Bob and Tom, when it was broadcast in this area.)

Let's look at #4, for example.
In January, Howard Stern had gone to satellite radio. Okay, fine, good riddance, never liked you. In his stead came David Lee Roth. The Diamond Man himself.
I didn't start listening to him until, oh, a couple of months ago, maybe, and I had to say that I was thoroughly entertained by the show. DLR showed people that he wasn't some dumb aging rock star. He had smarts, charisma, and style. His cohorts (Hutch, Sasha, B Young and Animal) were great. His guests were entertaining and fun, and even informative. I got a lot out of the show. At first, I was flipping between him and Imus. Now, Imus had gone by the wayside. I was a DLR fan.
About a month or so ago, Dave's programming managers with Citadel/CBS (including one Mark Chernoff, or however he spells it) changed Dave's format. Gone were Sasha, Animal and B Young. No more incidental music by B Young. It became dry as day-old toast.
However, Dave was not quitting. He had some of his own money tied into the program, and if he walked away (which is what I think the programming directors wanted), he would be out the money in his contract.
So he stuck with it, did the best that he could. Nothing could keep him down.
Well, CBS Radio has struck. DLR's show is now history, probably as of today. He's being replaced by a syndicated and sanitized feed of Opie and Anthony. WtF??????
It never fails. Colleen and I find a morning radio show that we enjoy, and it goes away. Bob and Tom were on 100.1 The Fox a few years ago. Loved them. Then one morning right after we get back from our Christmas vacation in Virginia, we awoke to not hearing their antics on the radio. The Fox dropped them.

So, it leaves a dearth in decent morning radio in my area. Guess it's back to listening to Imus the Cantankerous Old Bastard or listening to CDs.

So, my big ol' [ profile] friday_fu goes out to Mark Chernoff and the execs at CBS Radio for getting rid of a decent morning radio show and replacing it with utter dreck.

x-posted to [ profile] friday_fu and my LJ.

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( Oct. 28th, 2005 03:47 pm)

So... Colleen and I order an item from the Pyramid catalog on Wednesday night. We do the option for overnight delivery so we would have it for Friday, as it wouldn't ship until Thursday. We were promised Friday delivery.

As of 1500 Friday, no sign of the package at Colleen's school. Both she and I call Pyramid. Colleen also does multiple calls to DHL (who handles their shipping).
As far as we can tell, it's somewhere between the shipping dock of Pyramid (where they don't scan packages when they pick them up -- everyone else does, why don't they?) and their distribution hub -- IN OHIO!!!!!.
So now it will look like we will be getting this package Saturday morning at earliest... read that back... at earliest. And we have to go to the shipping center in Worcester or Shrewsbury ourselves to get it.

I wouldn't trust DHL to ship me a box of air. The USPS runs better than this. Much better.
At least we're getting our shipping refunded. That's the bright point.
I say again, unbefuckinglievable.

(xposted to my LJ and [ profile] friday_fu
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( Oct. 27th, 2005 10:57 am)
Mild rant ahead... which may become more than mild...

It came to my attention this morning that a single public school in Newton has decided to cancel their usual Halloween activities, which included the kids and teachers dressing in costume, having a costume parade, and doing Halloween-based arts and crafts.
The reason?
Some parents feel offended that the school celebrates Halloween, because they feel it's a day with religious overtones.
Religious overtones... let's step back a moment and take a look at that statement.
Apparently, there are parents in Newton whose children attend this school that believe that Halloween is a day for Satanic practices, and that exposing their children to Halloween celebrations will lead their children down the Dark and Evil Path.
Oh yeah. Those kid dressed up as Strawberry Shortcake and the Power Rangers are certainly tools of Beelzebub.
These folks felt so uncomfortable with the school allowing the costumes and arts and crafts that they would keep their kids home from school. WtF??? Since when is dressing up like a Hobbit and drawing pictures of Halloween offensive?
Last I heard, the kids were not sacrificing a goat to call up Asmodeus during assembly.
No one has raised a ruckus because a guest speaker at Career Day was Anton LeVey.
And as far a I know, a second grader isn't going to walk into a room and see a bunch of kids in typical Halloween costumes and cry out, "This room is way to Satanic for me! I'm out of here!"

And how is the school making up for it? What's the bone they're throwing? The Friday after Halloween, the teachers can plan activites to celebrate the fall season. WtF????
No longer are they celebrating actual holidays. Now you're not learning about Chanukah [sic] or Christmas or Kwanzaa... you celebrate the winter season.
Shall we just let the Politically Correct and Religious WrongRight tell the schools what then can or can't do? Last I heard, we had a separation between church and state. This is a public school, not a private religious-based school. They should be able to do what they want, within reason. Catering to the whims of a select few should not be a high priority.
Political correctness has once again reared its ugly head, and is winning. All in the name of a few people who feel that Halloween, which has become more of the American culture than a religious holiday (for most), is Evil.
If you dont' want your kids involved, fine, then take them out of school for a day and do your own thing. Don't deprive the other children and teachers who enjoy doing this their fun.
Where does this end? Shall we not allow children of other beliefs to express themselves about their practices and holidays? Oh wait, they're already sort of doing that.
It's boiling down to ignorance, which will lead to (I just know it will somewhere here) religious discrimination, because I believe some Wiccan or neo-pagan will poke a head up and decry the accusations of the day being a Satanic holiday. Shall we sit back and await the coming shitstorm?

Let kids be kids. Don't suck away their innocence and fun just because something might give you the willies.

Oh, there was a parents' meeting about the situation at the school this morning. I can't wait to hear about the aftermath of that. Perhaps some cooler and more level heads will prevail.
Then again...

Crossposted to my LJ and to [ profile] friday_fu
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( Oct. 25th, 2005 03:47 pm)

Okay, I know I have to ring up radio stations to return calls and whatnot.
I realize that a fair number of these stations are religious stations.
Fine, I don't mind that at all.
But please, please don't give me a religious-based greeting, like one that starts out with "Jesus Loves You" or anything to that effect. You're just shoving your beliefs down my throat. It just rubs me the wrong way. Please keep it to yourself.
Next person that does that to me gets a Bright Blessings or some other Wiccan greeting, see how they like it.

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( Jun. 28th, 2005 10:24 am)
Addendum to a follow-up

Well, I would just like to say that I think that the homophobic morons from Kansas got their comeuppance yesterday.
Yes, they were allowed to gather and protest -- for 30 minutes. After that, they were led away by police a few minutes before the funeral began.
Some passersby, especially one with a large American flag in his arms, voiced their opinion directly to these loving folks. The fact that the police made them move along wasn't a big one.
Another point that I loved -- the mounted police strategically pointed the back ends of their horses at the protesters. One caller into a Boston talk radio show remarked that for them, it must've been like looking in a mirror and seeing a horse's ass.
To help ease tensions, there were police pipers congregated, and when the Baptists started to get loud, they just started playing, drowning them out.
And who said that the bagpipe wasn't a wonderful instrument?

Okay, folks. You've come here, you've said your piece, you were rightfully ignored and shut out.

Now go the fuck back under the rock from whence you came.
And grow the fuck up. Learn what it means to be a true Christian.

The above ravings were the product of my own thought processes and not influenced by anyone else, save a certain Mr Miller for way of thinking and spewing forth the words. These words do not reflect the opinion or mindset of anyone else connected with LiveJournal. They do not reflect your opinion. Discussion is welcome and encouraged.
But then again, I could be wrong.
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( Jun. 27th, 2005 10:45 am)
Time for a Rant...

This is a followup to a rant I had done a few days ago concerning that group of Baptists from Kansas who have the gall to come here and disrupt the sanctity and dignity of the funeral of a fallen soldier.

They claim U.S. soldiers like Piper are dying because the country is being punished for its tolerance of what they see as immoral behavior, such as homosexuality.
These morons are also carrying signs stating "Thank God for 9/11" and "Thank God for IEDs," or something to a smiliar point.
There are also signs with the legend "God Hates the USA."

Message to these endearing folks: Pack up your shit, here are your rafts, go the fuck somewhere else then. Start your own nation if you hate this one so much. We don't need backwards-thinking, self-righteous, bigoted religious zealots like you.
You like IEDs so much? Allow us to toss a few into your rafts as you leave our waters.
You think 9/11 was such a momentous occasion worthy of celebration? Okay then... after you get your nation up and running, and someone performs a similar terrorist act on your soil, don't come crying to us. You earned it.

Listen up, cretins. This nation was founded on the principle of ALL MEN (and of course, women) BEING CREATED EQUAL. There are provisions for you to worship what you want the way you want, and to speak your mind... but please, you're forcing your inane hatred upon other people WHO DO NOT DESERVE IT! You violate the sanctity and dignity of a military funeral for one of your own countrymen who fell in the midst of battle. Have you no respect? Have you no pride in your nation, as a whole, faults and all?

I would not be surprised if one or more of SSGT Christopher Piper's comrades-in-arms got so fed up with your bullshit that they took a swing or two at you.
And you know what? I don't think the police will even try to stop them.
Your actions make both Christians and Americans sick. You people have no respect for your fellow countrymen.
To quote Extreme: If you don't like what you see here, get the funk out.

So I would like to dedicate one of my favorite songs by Tom Lehrer to these narrow-minded, self-righteous prigs who just can't love their fellow man (as it were)...

National Brotherhood Week )

I rest my case.

The above ravings were the product of my own thought processes and not influenced by anyone else, save a certain Mr Miller for way of thinking and spewing forth the words. These words do not reflect the opinion or mindset of anyone else connected with LiveJournal. They do not reflect your opinion. Discussion is welcome and encouraged.
But then again, I could be wrong.
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( Jun. 22nd, 2005 11:02 am)
Idiots abound yet again...

This one goes out to the members of the Westborough Baptist Church, hailing from somewhere in the Midwest. I'm sorry if I get any information on this group wrong, as I can't find anything in any of the news websites about their activities.

I was planning on penning a nice rant about them a month or so ago when they were planning on coming to our fair state and protesting a public school because a student had won an essay contest by writing about Ellen Degeneres, a publically-known lesbian. Their protest was along the lines of the URL to their website -- God Hates Fags.
Gee, what a lovely Christian concept.
And they're showing their steadfast belief in that concept once again, coming to our area to protest at the memorial services of two local servicemen who have fallen in the line of duty. Not because they were homosecuals, mind you, but because they were defending a country that allows homosexual activities and relationships to exist.
What a slap in the face this is to these two fallen soldiers. They chose to disrespect two men who gave their lives to their nation, defending their rights to protest and cause said disrespect.
An amazing circle, isn't it?

Apparently these jerkoffs have the means and opportunity to travel around the country and stage protests. Okay, I think they have waaaaaay too much time on their hands. These people are willing to waste their vacation times from their jobs to do this, instead of going to the beach, or camping, or whatever. Protesting a military funeral is a vacation to these people? Come on now... you must have a better, more constructive way to pass your free time. Take your kids on a real vacation. Don't teach them to hate. That's real Christian of you. Love thy neighbor, unless he's a man with a better sense of style than you, apparently.
How about a counter-protest? Let's get the population of P-town and Northampton, fly them out to their church, and see how they like a picket line surrounding them.

I'm thoroughly convinced that Heaven has sections for different faiths. Over here, we have the Roman Catholics, with an annex for the Irish. In this corner, we have the Lutherans. Over by the pool are the Baptists (no piddling in the shallow end, please). Behind the door in the Catholic section we have the Episcopalians (Church of England, for those who didn't know). And so on...

You know what the problem with these Baptists is? They don't hold them under long enough.
(No offense to any Baptists who do not subscribe to the same inanities as the above-mentioned group. This is targeted at them, not Baptists in general.)

I would love to see what would happen if one of the jokers in this group suddenly realizes that he is gay. Does he tell anyone? Does he keep it a secret? Does he just disappear into the night? If it got out, it would be like blood in the water at a Great White gathering. (And I'm not talking about the band, either.)

In the end, folks, let me just say this to you: Get the Fuck Over It. Live and let live. You're Christians, by God. You just don't show it.
Thank you for teaching us that your God is the right God. Apparently my God, who loves everyone, is inferior to your God, who is selective about who he loves.
I don't believe in your God.
But you know what?
My God has a bigger dick than your God, so neener.

The above ravings were the product of my own thought processes and not influenced by anyone else, save a certain Mr Miller for way of thinking and spewing forth the words. These words do not reflect the opinion or mindset of anyone else connected with LiveJournal. They do not reflect your opinion. Discussion is welcome and encouraged.
But then again, I could be wrong.


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