After this past Monday and a visit to Aspen Dental, I only have one line to day, courtesy of Mr D Tennant...

"Mm... new teeth... that's weird..."

Got the real ones. Uppers fit great. Lowers need a bit of an adjustment.

For a laugh, check out Not Always Right

Link fixed.
So I'm wearing the uppers fairly comfortably right now. Still needs some minor trimming on the upper front edge so my face doesn't look so puffy.
When I first started to wear these, I felt like I had such an overbite... it threw off my balance... I had no poise... no élan... in fact, I felt just like...

Duane Dibbley?????

My Freddy Mercury comments about the overbite failed with various people... they had never heard of him. Back of my brain was saying, "WTF??????????"

The lower, well... need a little more adjustment. There are a couple of edges on the inner rear that need to be trimmed, and maybe a little more so that they can stay in when I talk/eat/move my jaw... and then there's the drool factor, which apparently is normal.

Takes some getting used to, but at least I'll be able to smile... talking coherently will come as it does...
The bite doesn't match up.
The front teeth on the uppers and lowers hit each other so I can't close my mouth, nor can I open it very far.
According to Colleen, I looked like Kermit the Frog with teeth.

Going in for yet another adjustment (one hell of an adjustment) Thursday night.

Had a follow-up appointment this afternoon.

Got the uppers' back edge trimmed down so that it doesn't hit the gag point at the back of my throat.
I can now eat warm/hot soft foods (soup, mashed potato, etc).
Adhesives start later this week. That's when I'll wear them a bit more. I'll try eating with them tonight.
I think tonight may be either soup or a cheese omelet. Gods, I'm gagging for solid(ish) food...

Hopefully in a couple of weeks, I'll be able to chow on a burger... It's up to me to gauge what kind of food I can comfortably eat.

Permanent fixtures are six months away, since it's a really really really good idea to let the bone structure shrink down before getting those fitted.

Friday's goings on will be posted later.
Well it's done, they're out...
Spent the weekend toothless doing impressions of Mr Herbert from Family Guy.

There's only so much cottage cheese, yogurt and pudding that one man can take.

More later when I can spare the time for an update.
What a cockup...

So I get to the dentist... sitting in the chair, everything is set...

When they said, "Okay, we're going to numb you up now," I said, "Now hang on... I thought I was getting total anesthesia for this."

Turns out -- they only do that when the oral surgeon is in the office.
I had not been advised on that.
He's not in their office on Fridays, only on Mondays.
Spiffing, since I'd still probably be in pain for two days afterwards, and not want to be on the phones, and I don't have available PTO to take to recover.

So now, after much arguing and giving them Holy Hell, I'm going to be heading for the Raynham office this afternoon to get everything done.

Down points:
1. Dad has to drive me there and back. We're talking at least an hour's drive each way.
2. Nana has to watch Marcus alone for pretty much the entire afternoon. Since he doesn't take a nap very often at all there, that's going to wear thin.
3. I had hoped to be spending the afternoon in recovery mode. Now that's pushed back a few hours.

Up points:
1. I'll have new teeth.

Compensation on the part of Aspen Dental:
1. They will cover the costs of the oral surgeon and the IV anesthesia. That's about $400 right there.


As I said, it's like pulling teeth...
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( Apr. 4th, 2008 09:03 am)
The day has finally arrived.

In about an hour, I'll be in the chair, getting ready to go unconscious so the oral surgeon can do his or her thing...

I've made a playlist for the iPod... basically redid a mellow Floyd mix that I call "A Pillow of Winds," after a song off of Meddle (which is, of course, included in the playlist), keeping most of the songs, removing some and adding others... now instead of a 2 CD set, it's a 2-hour playlist.

After that, I'll be at my parents' place to rest and recover until Colleen comes and picks up both me and Marcus. Then, it'll be being a sluggabed here at home, with a bag of frozen peas set against my jaw, using cool wet teabags like chewing tobacco to help staunch any minor bleeding...

More later when everything is known.
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( Apr. 1st, 2008 03:03 pm)
One afternoon and evening...
Two full days...

Then go back to sleep while they do their work...
Wake up...
Go to the 'rents so I can sleep (if Marcus will let me)
Go home
Sleep it off...

There's the life...
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( Mar. 21st, 2008 09:31 am)
Okay, so yesterday was the first step towards the new chompers.


And no, I'm not talking about sitting down and watching a performance by Frank Caliendo.
They took impressions of (what's left of) my teeth.
That stuff was pretty good, too... managed to pull a post and crown from a root canal I had done years ago. Oh well, they're all getting extracted in two weeks' time.

Yep, 4 April is when it happens.
I have to go in Wednesday morning for a wax bite, whatever the hell that is...

At least I'll have that weekend to recuperate, else I'll be at work doing my rendition of Bill Cosby at the dentist.

"Yebbes? Caban I hebelp yobou?"
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( Mar. 14th, 2008 12:27 pm)
As it were...

So, after a few years of having dental problems, through a combination of genetics and neglect... my natural choppers (or what's left of them) are going to be replaced... completely.
The downside of this is I'll be a new Polident and Poligrip spokesman...
Upside is that I'll be able to eat normally once again. You can't believe the foods I've missed.

I'll be arranging the impressions appointment later on... and then two weeks or so later, it'll be knockout time as they extract, and then give me the new pearlies.

Just one more thing that's wrong with me... but I can't really blame anyone but myself on this.


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