So Monday morning...

Marcus and I are running about 10 minutes behind schedule due to various factors.
We get our respective kits and selves into my car and... don't go anywhere.

You see, my car had a funny thing going on when it came to gas. The needle, for the most part, has a tendency to lie.
I suspect that it was due to the filler neck being as corroded as it was, and that the air pressure inside the tank wasn't constant, hence the inaccuracy of the gauge. I then started to go by mileage since last fill. I would trip the odometer each time I did a complete fill-up. I figured that a 13 gallon tank at roughly 25-26mpg... fill when it was around 300 miles.
Now the needle was hovering at or damned close to E, and the odometer read 290. I figured that I'd be able to get Marcus to daycare, and then I could fill up.
I turned the key... engine kicked over, then died out, as if it was saying (in an Izzardian manner), "Nunununununununununoooooooo... Nunununununununununununoooooooooo..."
So the one day when things didn't start out so peachy starting to go further downhill.
I called AAA, telling them that for once, I should have trusted the needle, it didn't lie (to paraphrase Queensryche).
No sooner did I hang up with AAA did my mobile up and quit on me. It too had run out of juice... and my charger was in Colleen's car as her charger quit working.
So we waited in the car. I had been told that someone would be there in about 20 minutes.
Half an hour later, we trudged up the stairs back to the flat so I could call for an update and use the loo. I was then told that he was en route, and would be there in 15-20. I told them I was advised that half an hour ago. She didn't really care, which was typical.
Ten minutes later, the truck pulled in, gave me a couple of gallons for a fiver, and advised that I go just up the road to the station to fill up. Usually not a problem, but I was pressed for time, and they are a bit slow with service for a full-service station. I figured (correctly) that with what he gave me, I could get Marcus to daycare and then I could fill up in that area.

So I was an hour late for work. I binned my lunch break and just worked through it, with basically no breakfast, a few noshes here and there, and double-helpings of Cup-a-Soup in the afternoon. My headache that had started that morning was kept in check by Tylenol and random wanderings away from the desk.
I was damned hungry last night...

At least this morning went much much much better.
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( Jan. 23rd, 2008 11:54 am)
Took my car in today, finally...

Exhaust midpipe
Midpipe hanger
Three flanges
Oil change
Labor & Tax

Bill will be about $340, as expected.

If anyone here in the area needs car repairs, I highly suggest Fiore's on Rt 9 in Shrewsbury. They haven't steered us wrong yet.
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( Oct. 30th, 2006 05:22 pm)
In retrospect... I don't think they got the Lifesavers...

I might have stuck them in my backpack when taking a few things out of the car before letting my landlord have at it...
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( Oct. 30th, 2006 09:00 am)
So I walk out of my flat on Friday morning, ready to go to work.
I walk around to the passenger side of my car, and I notice a plastic bag by the door. It contained some greeting cards I bought the day before. I thought they may have fallen out the previous evening when I got home and got my bag out of the car.
Then I saw the small window on the rear passenger door, or at least what was left of that window.
My eyes then went to the dash -- that was pulled out forcefully, and saw the dangling wires where my stereo was.
That was a hell of a thing to wake up to.

I filed a police report, even though it's pretty much moot.
I called my insurance company -- thing is, I didn't get comprehensive since I wasn't working at the time I started the policy. So, no coverage. Bugger.
My landlord came out and looked at the damage, and later that day made the offer to have it fixed. All I would have to do is pay for the parts. (Her husband loves to tinker with things.) What could I say?
So they fixed the window and the dash the following day -- and replaced the stereo with a Bose radio they found in a car that was like mine. It's not top of the line, but at least I won't be bored while driving.

And they also made off with my huge bag of Life Savers... that's the one thing I'm laughing at with this whole deal.

At least no one was hurt, and everything's getting replaced. All I have to replace is the power strip that plugs into the ciggie lighter, my mobile phone charger, and the CD player car kit. All in all, it could have been worse.
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( Apr. 19th, 2006 04:41 pm)

So I pull into work Tuesday morning, park the car. Walk around to the passenger side to get my pack and goodies. I hear a hissing noise. Fearing it was something in the engine, I walked closer to the front. Nope, not the engine, but my right front tire slowly beginning to sag. I check the stem, and hear the airflow change sound as I fiddle with it. Oh great.

Colleen and Marcus came up for lunch. Marcus spent a bit of time flirting with all the women he could lay his eyes on here. They all enjoyed his presence.

So come 515pm, a co-worker and I are working on getting my bad tire off the car, and the spare on. One of the lugs was so tight, it sheared my lug wrench. I had to borrow another co-worker's lug wrench to finish the job.

I went to C&R Tire this morning. Got there maybe just after 8am. I was out of there about an hour and a half later, just to change a valve stem. Only cost me $15. Better that than buying one or two new tires. Got to work around 1030am.

Mom-in-law's coming up tonight for a few days. My parents are in PA for a few days, so we're taking care of their kitties.

No new mouse stories to tell.

Until 1 May, I am the sole phone answerer in the support department. Since Monday, I've been inundated with calls, voice mails, and emails. Trying to juggle them all and still find time to breathe is a daunting task, indeed. If I'm doing the work of at least two people, maybe three, I should be getting more money.
But oh well.

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( Feb. 20th, 2006 02:47 pm)

And here we go with another weekend update.

Friday night: Spent the night working on going through some more boxes, Olympics, and Stargate SG1.
Roasted a bunch of boneless chicken breasts with Adobo seasoning. Tasty.

Saturday: More work on the front room. Marcus spent some time with my parents while we worked. Did an errand or two before picking him up. Worked on the living room and dining table before hitting bed.

Sunday: C went to church while I ran errands with Marcus in tow. Went to Target, stopped off at [ profile] lawful_evil and [ profile] dauphinous to pick up the credit slip for That's Entertainment, hit TE and picked up GURPS Powers along with the weekly comics, then hit Shaw's. Went to [ profile] silent_iniquity and [ profile] sfogliatella's for [ profile] silent_iniquity's 30th birthday party. Good time was had by all. Marcus took a little tumble, and his bottom teeth cut his upper lip a little bit. There was a little blood and some crying, but after a few minutes, he was taking a bottle as if nothing happened.
Mom-in-law arrived safe and sound. Made a huge batch of meat sauce for pasta (beef and sausage). Spent the rest of the evening relaxing.

Work week is upon me once again. Feh. Colleen has the week off for winter break.
Colleen went to a privately-run garage to ger her car mended. All Jiffy Lube did to the serpentine was lube it up, said it didn't need to be replaced. Well, two serpentines in her car have now been replaced, and she runs quietly. All for about $80. Not too shabby.

I've decided in what I'm going to work on, gamewise.
Here's my project list, and status(if any):

GURPS: Abduction (working title). Premise: Everyday normals thrust into an odd situation. Status: revision from earlier drafts. This will take some time. I'd like to run this in two runs: one as a tabletop face to face, the other as PBEM.
GURPS Black Ops. Premise: PCs are a operatives in an ultra-top-secret organization battling ETs and supernatural elements. Conversion of the GURPS 3e version, but I'll be adding in a couple of occupations. Status: Organization, converting character templates.
GURPS Fantasy. Premise: Unkown as of yet. Just a generic fantasy-type game. Might try to make it D&D-ish with special abilities (after I get through Powers).
GURPS Supers. Couple of ideas -- My own version of The Ultimates, as the PCs would be working with the government. Another idea is more of a low-level street "dark" campaign.

What would people play?

Let's not forget what I would plan for next year's Total Confusion. Those would be one-shots. I would consider Fantasy, Black Ops and Special Ops scenarios.

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( Aug. 19th, 2005 12:24 pm)
They are now solved.
My landlord had the same problem with her car once, and she showed me how to disconnect the cables so it won't be a nuisance anymore.
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( Aug. 18th, 2005 10:01 am)
So here's the story...

My car, Sally (short for Salamander, since she's red), has an alarm system that was already installed in the car when my parents acquired it back in the mid-90s. It was a leased car and pretty much new back then. For clarity, it's a 1994 Nissan Sentra. They got it when I was still at UMass, so I think back in 1993.

Thing is: the alarm system has a short in it somewhere. It will go off (or make attempts to do so, noted by the very loud clicking it tries to make) at random times. Neither one of the fobs that I have will stop the alarm. It went off again last night, and I just pounded the hood once right above the horn to kill it. However, this is not a fix for the issue.

I need to know of a place where I can take it and have one of two things done:
1. The short located and remedied, and perhaps have the fobs back in working order.
2. The alarm system completely disabled so I won't have to worry about it.

I've already called three places: Worcester Radio and Speedometer on Lincoln Street (they will get back to me and let me know if they can get someone working on Saturday), Rayco and Ziebart (who will only work on systems that they sell and install... rather selective, if you ask me).
I need to get this done ASAP before it really begins to annoy people, and hopefully on the cheap.

Any ideas?


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