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( Oct. 7th, 2005 10:33 am)

Not much to really report on.
Bronchitis feels quite a bit better.
Burn on arm from an inside edge of a hot oven door is healing. I got this Tuesday night while taking mini turkey meatloaves out of the oven.
Marcus is just yumming up sweet peas. He also loves bananas mixed into his rice cereal.
He turned 5 months old yesterday, and is actually 22 weeks old today.
Appetite appears to be returning. Polished off most of dinner last night -- steak and cheese pokket from D'angelos along with a side caesar salad.
Side story on that: the delivery guy didn't have my sandwich, just the salad and Colleen's stuff. So he went back to get it. He couldn't find it at first, so he had them make up a new one. Well, he ended up bringing two sandwiches for me, no charge for the extra one.

Making plans to just hole up this weekend. Might do a supply/store run in the morning so we can just hang at the house all weekend, letting it rain.
Trying to think of a good chicken-based slow cooker meal for Sunday, along with a nice salad.
The only night I don't have dinner ideas for is tonight. Hmmm...

Working on a new idea for a D&D setting... got the idea from another game where all the characters know is The City. It's huge, maybe 15-20 miles across, with another five miles or so beyond those boundaries for farming and Militia outposts. Beyond that, it's just sort of empty for a few miles, then come the outer markers, where few dare to roam. Beyond the markers is... the unknown. You can't really see it beyond the markers, since it's a bit hazy and obscured. That is, until you cross the line...
This is gonna take me a while... I think this is one concept I want to run with. Need to come up with the City (layouts, government, religion, etc), and What Lies Beyond. Getting ideas about how magic will run outside the Markers...

Quiet at work right now. Cohort in crime is at home working on something so that he can check on things from home from time to time... Hopefully it will remain quiet.

And good luck to my friends [ profile] sfogliatella and [ profile] silent_iniquity. They are delivering their first child today through induced labor. They have no idea if the kid's a boy or a girl, but either way, joyous times are afoot.



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