Over the past week or so, the cyst that's been lodged in the side of my neck started to rear its ugly head and grow again... this time to proportions that made me think I was sprouting an extra head... (What's next, a third arm?)

So, I stop at Fallon Urgent Care on the way home to have someone look at it. I figure they'll tell me to put hot wet compresses on it and take some antiobiotics.
Nope... they decide to slice it open.
So then I'm laying on my side on the exam table...
They start with cleaning with Betadine and saline. All well and good.
Then came the needle with Lidocaine... when they said it was going to burn going in, they weren't kidding. And it wasn't just one single jab, either --- it was multiple. I was growling against the pain, as it was some of the worst concentration of agony that I had ever endured in my life.
Not sure if it completely took effect, but I could still feel the scalpel cutting into the skin. Then came the manipulation of the abcess, getting as much out as possible with suqeezing and draining...
After that, they packed it open with gauze, and stuck a sticky pad on it.

I have to go back tonight to get the dressing changed.
I'm also on Bactrim for the time being.
I may end up having some minor surgery in the near future to get rid of the damned thing.


From: [identity profile] skyglider.livejournal.com

Eeew... I've had that done before... mine was on the inside of my elbow. Mom was surprised/impressed that I didn't swear at the doctor. I was 12 at the time.

From: [identity profile] lawful-evil.livejournal.com

Ah, when I saw the cut tag, I thought you had pictures or something.

Hope you feel better/heal up.

From: [identity profile] pfloyd.livejournal.com

Good Gods, man, I didn't even want to look at it, why would I then post pictures?



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