So last night, I stayed up until around midnight, having a half pint of B&J Mint Chocolate Cookie as a snack, with a few Utz cheese-flavored Puff-n-Corn as a finisher (salty/savory after the sweet). I was only sort of sleepy, and I wanted to finish the comic I was reading, so I changed the channel to the History Channel (Modern Marvels on extreme aircraft), finished my snack, and the comic. I turned out the light and let myself just sort of relax. I had already taken some Tylenol for the lingering headache I had through the late hours...
I could feel my body zonig itself out... but I couldn't fall asleep. While I enjoy that feeling of being only sort of there, it's unnerving when sleep doesn't soon follow.
I think I managed to conk out sometime after 3am -- and the alarm goes off at 530am.
So I'm operating through the day in sort of a haze of sleepiness, fatigue and exhaustion. My plan is to just let myself crash out after I get Marcus into bed...
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( Jun. 26th, 2007 10:21 am)
I did not sleep well last night...

Granted, we ate late, possibly a little later than we normally do.
Typical evening:
- I arrive home sometime around 630ish, give or take depending upon stopping anywhere (Target, Stop & Shop, CVS, Fallon Pharmacy, Walgreens, B&N, Borders, etc) on the way home. I typically don't run any later than 700.
- Marcus typically gets fed sometime between 700 and 800p. During the school year, this is very typical, as Colleen and I are both busy getting stuff done from the day.
- Marcus gets put into bed around 800p, but no later than, say, 830p. When he gets tucked in, it's either "Mommy sleep" or "Dada sleep," which means he wants one of us to lie down next to the crib while he falls asleep. If Colleen does this, I start working on dinner for us, so we don't really get to eat for ourselves until 830 or 900p.
- Colleen falls asleep before I do, especially during the school year. I'll stay up a little later, and have a nosh... usually some ice cream. I'll watch a little TV as well, and maybe peruse a comic book or two before turning out the light, typically around midnight.

So last night, I just couldn't fall asleep. I tossed and turned a little, then went into Marcus' room to lie by the crib. I got him this nefty pedestal fan for his room, as it does get warm and stuffy in there, and I love the sound.
Thing about me is that I enjoy the comfort of AC, but when I want to sleep or relax or zone, I love the sound of a large fan. White noise. It's relaxing, and I can lose myself in the sound. Plus the breeze feels pretty good.

So after a while of just lying there and letting my thoughts go wherever, I crawl back into bed, try to make myself as comfortable as possible, and wait it out. I must have fallen asleep, because I remember waking up sometime during the night, then drifting back to the void after a little while. Sometime after 500am though, I was in and out of sleep until the alarm went off at 700am.

So here I am at work, with that sleep-deprivation discomfort around my eyes, with a half-eaten egg-bacon-cheese-on-toast from a local deli and a tall can of Jolt CX2... not that the caffeine will really do anything for me, but I love the taste... and twisting the cap off the can sounds like a suppressed .45ACP.
The morning's progressing slowly. It's approaching 10am, and I've been here for a little more than an hour, and it feels like it should be going on noon already.
Hopefully Colleen's reiki treatment tonight will help me sleep better. I just don't want to have to rely on over-the-counter pills to fall asleep, and it takes forever for me to get an appointment with my doctor, even if it's to discuss the occasional insomnia I get. I can probably handle a couple of nights in a row of this, but if it goes any longer, I'll be amongst the living dead (or shambling comatose) by week's end. Perhaps I'll stop off at Walgreens and see if they have any of that Simply Sleep stuff. No drugs, just all natural ingredients.

To sleep... perchance to dream... Colleen dream, dreamboat queen, queen of all my dreams...
Sunlight bright upon my pillow
Lighter than an eiderdown
Will she let the weeping willow
Wind his branches round...


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