I had three 20oz bottles of soda in the big fridge this morning -- a lemonade, a Dr Pepper and a Cherry Coke.
I just went to grab one of them to drink, and I noticed that someone had nicked my Dr Pepper!
Now this isn't the first time - only the second. I had a plastic container with some nice chicken salad that I had done up, and left it in there overnight. I went to get it at my next lunch break, and noted that the container was gone.

That's it. I'm either putting my name on everything and/or getting a lockbox for my stuff in that fridge.
You'd think that people here would have some modicum of maturity and honor here, that you could trust your food to be safe. Guess I thought wrong.
And the next nominee for the "Oh Gods" award:

Nicolas Cage

His new son's name: Kal-el Coppola Cage.

Apparently Nic is a huge Superman fan.
Look Nic, I'm a comics fan too, but I didn't go naming my kid after some of my favorite characters, like Bruce Wayne or Jon Sable.
(Actually, we took the name from a TV show, but that's not the point here. At least our kid's name sounds normal, and he won't be needing therapy over a name.)


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