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( Sep. 20th, 2007 12:24 pm)
Two parties are the target of this rant... followed by an example of what these people are moving away from instead of striving to be...

Now I don't want to get off on a rant here... )
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( Sep. 20th, 2005 12:22 pm)
I'm getting the blahs again...
Primarily with lunches. Every day I go through the same routine in the morning with trying to figure out just what I will do when it comes to lunch. Sure, I can bring leftovers to nuke up and wolf down... or I can waste half of my lunch break going to either Subway, another sandwich place, or the local market to raid the salad bar, and then try to scarf it all down in the 10-15 minutes I have left... Can't have a relaxing lunch break that way, that's for sure.
People order sandwiches or whatever from some of the local shops around here and have them delivered. All well and good, but when the food is sub-mediocre at best, and more than what you'd spend on the same thing (with a little better quality) at home, you kind of get discouraged with that idea.
So where does that leave someone in my position?
Not eat? Not a good idea. I get odd feelings in my gastrics when I don't eat much during the day, like yesterday. No breakfast, couple of cheap TV dinners for lunch, and a few toasted ravioli as a late afternoon/early evening snack doesn't amount to much. I nibbled on a chicken patty sandwich before conking out last night, but I didn't finish it.
Don't get me wrong, I still love food. I still love to cook. I just don't have any spark when it comes to lunches around here.

Maybe what I need is a mental health day, have a nice home lunch sometime. I have 13 sick hours left for the remainder of the year, and my first real vacation time is around Christmas. I'll need a sanity day before then, that's for sure, and the next holiday on the horizon is Turkey Day.

Moan moan moan...
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( Aug. 19th, 2005 11:47 am)

And so we come to, at last, Friday.
Hopefully this day will just glide on by, as I would rather, in truth, be back home, playing with Marcus, and maybe getting some more of the front room cleaned up.

Speaking of Marcus, he's rolling over onto his tummy and lifting his head up -- to nearly 90 degrees! Wowee!
He's also doing a nice razzing sound, which I love.

Saturday, we'll be back here in Littleton for a company picnic, on the grounds of the office. This is, I think, the only way they'll ever get me here on a weekend.
Saturday evening comes Mom-in-Law. I know she said that she'll bring her own beer with her, but I don't mind getting it for her. Besides, I may want a couple this weekend.

Idiot move for the day: I didn't bring a lunch with me (since Idlewild Farms didn't really have anything lunch-type out, or at least a very limited selection when I was there after 830 this morning), and I missed the lunch order. So I will have to either go out and get something (which takes time out of my break), or eat the single-serve can of baked beans that I have tucked away (oh yeah, sounds scrummy), or just not eat lunch at all (but still take the break). My options for going out are limited, as there are no fast food places within a decent driving distance apart from Subway (which I'm doing on a very limited basis).
Actually, I can't have the beans -- I took my soup mug home with me last night. So bang goes that option.

oh well... I'll figure something out, I'm sure... gotta eat something... else I'll be cranky until dinner. Plus I need to gain weight still...

So, Mom-in-law arrives last night sometime maybe around 10-ish. All was good there, she had a pretty good ride up here with only a couple downpours.

Kicker: my lower back started to really give me grief. I took a Perc maybe around 2300, and waited for the buzz to kick in. C went to bed before the rest of us, and I topped Marcus off with some formula before putting him to bed around 0100. Mom-in-law and I went to bed not long after, and my Perc buzz was sort of winding down. I slept on the couch until just before 0400, when I transferred to the bed, but Marcus woke up around 430. C and her Mom got up and did the morning thing, while I tried to find something that resembled a comfortable position. Not too much luck there.
So I stop at an Exxon that has a Dunkin Donuts this morning and get a breakfast sandwich, grape juice, a bottle of Dew, and a small bottle of Aleve. My prescription naproxen is 500mg in one large pill. Each Aleve is 220mg, so I downed two. It's not quite 1000, and I can feel that it's taken some of the edge off already. Let's hope it lasts.

And now to top this off this morning, the first call I take is someone who needs his hand held through the entire configuration and programming of his remote unit. As I write this, I'm at nearly an hour with this moron who doesn't keep a friggin manual with him.
And this joker said that he just recently programmed one of these things, but still asked how to do each and every channel. Gyah.
Okay, 1hr 50min with this guy.

On better news... I've been using a lot of pictures that were posted in my gallery as wallpapers on my monitor at work.
Tonight's the last night I'll be able to play with him for close to a week. I'm going to miss the little guy.

By the by... new icon...



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