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( Aug. 21st, 2008 11:04 am)
Okay... so last night, I get home with one of the World's Worst Headaches, possibly bordering on a migraine, or something approximating it. Colleen had to head up to the school to do some organizational work in her classroom.
Headache lasted all night, as I couldn't get any food down my neck until around 11pm. I got some noodle soup and crackers down, and then took my last Percocet (as my sacro-iliitis was acting up again as well) to try to take the edge off, as well as smearing some Head-On (yes, I use the stuff, and it does work) onto my forehead.
Fast forward to this morning -- sacro is still bothering me, and headache is still present.

Add to that four or five major outages going on at work, all at once, and being inundated with calls.
If I'm able to get an actual lunch break today, I'll be thoroughly surprised, since I can't go the day without eating something substantial, lest this headache that is dulled by a double-dose of Tylenol will flare up again.

Wish luck.
So we've got more of the white stuff coming down from the skies this morning.
Colleen got a reprieve -- no school for Shrewsbury today.
By the time I got to her car this morning (she insisted I take that one), there was a good couple of inches on the ground. It took me several minutes to get out of the driveway. Of course, I was backing out of it, heading slightly uphill with a front-wheel drive car with between two and three inches of snow. Times like this I miss the old Tracker...

So I got out of the driveway at pretty much 800am. Stopped at the Exxon 1.2 miles up the road for a fillup, then went to Dunkin Donuts for a large Miliky Way hot chocolate and two sugared donuts. (Those things are like eating fried dough.) Roads were in shit state -- sort of treated, sort of plowed, can't really follow in anyone's tracks.
I wisely decided to avoid I290, as I heard that the highways were rough going, with spinouts galore.
You can certainly tell where the townline between Shrewsbury and Worcester is -- the roads in Shrewsbury were an absolute dream. In some spots, they were down to wet pavement. So I drove on W Main Street, through Shrewsbury Center and onto Rt20. Northboro also did a good job with the roads, and the short (1 mile at most) drive through Marlboro to the office was very driveable.
I called Colleen from my parking space at around 850am. Not too shabby.

So here I am at work... snow is still coming down...
Colleen and Marcus are playing at home...
The PTB (Powers That Be) are arranging for pizza to be delivered, making some poor schlub drive in this crap to bring us a hot lunch.

On a side note, I have another one of those snarky headaches. I've already downed some migraine tabs (asprin/acetaminophen/caffeine combo), and am drinking a Dew -- in case it's a caffeine headache, and I didn't have any yesterday. I've also applied HeadOn Migraine. This stuff feels kinda neat -- like IcyHot for the head.


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