With the Occupation of Iraq continuing and the body count rising...
With the outing of a CIA operative under his watch...
With the government's response to two of the worst natural disasters the Gulf Coast has ever seen...
Is it any wonder why this country is losing its confidence in its leadership? Not only confidence, but the public trust.
Let me state that again. The public trust.
Not only is Shrub's popularity count down in the mid to low 30s, but his trustworthiness ratings have gone past the toilet, and are now on their way to the wastewater treatment plant.
Here's a man who acted on what he told us, in hindsight, was faulty intelligence about WMDs. Okay, we went in with that belief, all right, we can sort of get behind that. What? There are none? And now we're there to oust the country's leader for no real apparent reason? Hold the phone...
Anyone else out there think that our Leadless Fuhrers decided to go in there with this as the ulterior motive, and that the "WMDs" were a ruse?
Isn't this grounds for impeachment?
Let's do some comparison here...

Shrub has sent probably 80% of our military into Iraq and Afghanistan with not a lot of really good tangible results for the original reasons to be there. The death tolls, just from Iraq alone, are approaching 2100 men and women. No credible links to terrorism, and none of the biggies from Al Qaeda have been captured there, if I recall. We've ousted a country's leader, and pushed democracy in its place, but are meeting heavy resistance from insurgents, which is pushing both the military and civilian casualty rates through the roof. And what would we get out of it? Maybe a nickel off a gallon of gas, if we're lucky. Empire building at its finest, headed up by a man who's trying to fill Daddy's shoes... and probably has Daddy's hand stuck up his backside like a crazed ventriloquist's dummy.
Grounds for impeachment? He acted upon intelligence that he thought was good at the start, but turned out to be false, at least that's what he's told us. Did he know it was false in the beginning? Perhaps. In this case, the investigation is definitely worthwhile, and let's see if it's grounds for an impeachment hearing.
Will he get impeached? We'll see...

The last POTUS to be impeached was William Jefferson Clinton. Main reason? He got his knob shined.

Comparison: Rising death toll in a land where our popularity has more swinging than an elementary school playground at recess, based on intel he probably knew was bad intel.
Versus: A man who used a cigar as a Presidential Aid.

Y'know... looking at it like this, might as well impeach Shrub too, because like with the last one, someone's getting fucked...


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