So, here are a few things...

Wednesday, 21 Jan
Had to drive to Burlington for training. Distance was about 50 miles. Took me about 1.25 hours. Major backup was on Rt 3 until about Concord Road.
Drive back took longer. Getting onto 3 from I95 was impossible, so I cut onto the main drag where the Mall is, and took the back way. Rt 3 was still slow until 495, but we were moving.

Thursday, 22 Jan
Burlington again, drive in was a little over an hour, plus a quick stop at Finagle-a-Bagel to get breakfast. Class started an hour earlier, so it let out around 4pm.
Getting to Rt 3 from I95 impossible again, so took back way past the Mall to Rt 62. Getting onto Rt 3 from Rt 62 was impossible there too, so I took Rt 62 through Concord, Maynard, Stow, onto 117 through Bolton to 495. Ride home was approaching two hours. Yuck.

On Friday, 23 January, I celebrated my birthday. Mom and Bro-in-law were both up for a weekend visit.
Work was rather normal. I treated myself to breakfast from Hooligan's, a place just down the road from work. (Two eggs over easy, hash, bacon, sausage, hash browns, toast.)
Didn't really eat lunch.
Met up with Colleen, Marcus, the in-laws, and Dad at Bugaboo Creek in Shrewsbury. Drank an entire Mountain Man Margarita (forgot to ask for no salt). Ordered fish and chips (the tartar sauce is excellent! Has a sweet flavor to it.) but didn't eat too much of it. Took it home. And yes, they arranged for the Moose puppet to come around with cake.
In-laws got me cash, lightsaber attachments for the Wii controllers, and a half-yard glass with holder. Colleen and Marcus got me the Iron Chef game for the Wii, as well as a nice tanto from an Asian flair shop in Greendale Mall. Parents got me cash.

Saturday 24 January
Had breakfast at the hotel with the in-laws.
Went to Best Buy and picked up a Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB HDD for the PC, using my birthday cash.
Didn't really have lunch.
C, Johnny and I went to the St Mary School Winter Ball that night. We got several prizes at the "games," including two audiobooks.

Sunday 25 January
Breakfast at the hotel again.
It was a pretty easy day for everyone.
Tried a new place for dinner -- Royal Fried Chicken. It's a new joint up the road from us. Not too bad. Cheap eats.

Now, we have a Wii Fit as of this past weekend.
Colleen's addicted to it. She does at least a half hour routine each night.
I set myself up on it. My center of balance is off a little to the left. It also puts me at about 216lb, with my BMI being just over the line into... get this... obese. WtF????!?!?!?!?!?
I set a goal for myself: 16 lbs in 3 months.
My original Wii Fit Age was like 50...
In one night, that dropped to 35. BMI dropped a little too, but still not into Overweight.
I love the ski jump balance game... I have the record right now of 311m (two jumps per set, both are added together).

I may have pooed console game systems before, but I love the Wi.
Who would have thought that half a lifetime ago, I graduated high school and started college...


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