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( Feb. 11th, 2009 09:01 am)
Nine years ago today, Colleen and I met face to face for the first time, at the arrivals gate at Dulles.

Look how far we've come.
Imagine if you will...

11 October, 2003
A beautiful sunny Saturday.
People come from all around to gather at a church in northern Virginia to watch a geeky sod become forever bound to a beautiful, intelligent, warm, caring young woman. After rings and words were exchanged, and a single candle lit from two, they and their party make their way to a gazebo to have their images frozen in time. (They did, mind you, refrain from attacking it. For those unfamiliar with the story behind that, please read The Tale of Eric and the Dread Gazebo.) The remainder of the day was spent in a blur of food, music, dancing, drink, and more table-hopping than a one-legged waitress at a packed diner.

In other words, Colleen and I were married four years ago today.
Four years and counting.
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( Feb. 14th, 2007 10:33 am)
So, I gave Colleen her MP3 player this morning. She went absolutely ape over it, highly impressed with what it could do. I already had it loaded with all of her Cure CDs, all of our Blackmore's Night CDs, some Air Supply, Skid Row, Alanis... she loves it.

I was originally skeptical about coming in this morning, what with the weather and all. Normally, my drive takes me 15-20 minutes, depending upon route and if I stop anywhere along the way. My longer commute days are Monday and Tuesday, when I take Marcus to Colleen's school so his daycare provider can pick him up, so I'm not leaving the school until anywhere from 820 to 830. So long as I make it there by around 900, I'm okay.
This morning, I did get a late start, and I stuck to the highways -- 290E to 495S to 20W. The best roads were on 495. I did have a little slide on 20 as I approached work, but the rest of the drive wasn't too bad.
However, I may have to bail early -- Colleen's ultrasound results came back, and she may have to have her gall bladder worked on or removed -- bad infalmmation, so she may have to go in for a surgical consult later on today.

And here I sit, with the damned Wiggles stuck in my head. Marcus wants to watch the one DVD he has on a constant basis.
At least I got him to watch Cars on Sunday. Cute movie, especially with George Carlin as a VW Minibus that's still stuck in the 60s.


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