Okay, so I finally get a call from my real doctor yesterday. What did he find? I may be dealing with what's called subclinical hyperthyroidism.
What's that, I hear you ask.
Basically, my T3 and T4 hormone levels are pretty much on the ball. It's the TSH levels that are off kilter, indicating that my thyroid is being overstimulated, hence the hyperthyroidism.
What's next? Thyroid scan, referral to an endocrinologist. Hopefully this can be treated with just medication, and not radiation and/or surgery.
Just what I need, another condition. And it took a doctor who has never seen me before, on a possibly unrelated batch of symptoms to get the ball rolling here.
At least the specialist's office is only a stone's throw away from my flat.
I should be hearing from my doc's office today about appointment times.

In other news...
Not a lot going on otherwise.
Marcus is cutting a bottom tooth... maybe two.
He's eating peaches now, and even Colleen thinks they're a little on the sour side. We got a couple of good sour face pics last night.
Feeling okay otherwise, but I could do with a nap after lunch.

Is it just me, or does everyone else think that the Patriots aren't going to go very far this year? Playoffs maybe, but we lost to Indianapolis last night -- big loss. They have too many first-stringers injured. Bruschi's return was great for morale, and he's a fantastic player, but apparently it wasn't enough last night. Perhaps this just isn't Boston's year for titles, folks. Let's face up to it.
Maybe if we had more cheerleaders like the Carolina Panthers...

But I digress.
More later when things become newsworthy.



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