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( Feb. 27th, 2005 06:54 pm)
This has been more than a week in the making, so due to length, I'm placing it behind a cut...

Update behind here... )
Yoinked from [ profile] sfogliatella

  1. Gotten drunk at my first Christmas party... before the age of one. (Yummy bourbon balls)

  2. Didn't climb the ladder to get to the chin-up bars in later elementary school after acrophobia kicked in big time.

  3. Arranged to take a final exam in college a few days early by using a white lie (that I had a job for the summer that was starting earlier than expected) in order to see Pink Floyd at Foxboro Stadium in May 1994 (The Division Bell tour)

  4. Translated The Wall into German over two weeks one summer, just because I was bored... and then showed my German teacher!

  5. Made an attempt at doing the "Crunchy Frog" sketch from Monty Python in our high school's variety show. (Thing is, first night was the only night. The mikes weren't working, so people in the back didn't know what was going on. I always said it was cancelled because of what people could hear or couldn't hear.)

  6. Worked as a roadie/technical specialist for a local band in two separate shows.

  7. Been pinned to the mat by both a sensei and his assistant simultaneously, just to see how soft and flexible my shoulders were.

  8. Sprained my foot at a costume dance at a SF convention.

  9. Sprained my foot in a paintball game. (Wearing the same brand of boots as the above incident... both times the injuries would have been far worse if not for the boots.)

  10. Been on a honeymoon vacation -- with the in-laws and several of their friends.



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