So you saw my rant yesterday against Fallon Urgent Care. Well, here's Part 2...

I walk into Urgent Care last night, and do all the check-in details. When asked if I had an appointment, I said, "No, but not for lack of trying. I rang here at least eight times to get a slot, but no one picked up the phone." The nurses behind the desk just sort of shrugged it off as if it was status quo or whatnot. I didn't make any big deal of it, since it looked like I was going to be seen.
After a five minute wait, I was triaged, and then sent back to the waiting room to wait for an open room. That was another ten minutes. I was placed into a room, and told to take off my shirts and put on a johnny. "Easier said than done," I thought to myself, as my left arm is just on this side of useless. Still, I manage to do so within a couple of minutes.
Not too long after that, the doc comes in, and checks me out. He sees that I can't lift my arm to the side very well, and he does a couple of pressure point checks. One spot hurt more than others. He then tells me that it's one of two possibilities, but we won't know until I get X-rays done. So I get my kit back on and go downstairs to radiology. I get two pics done standing up, and then one on my back, with the tech telling me to raise my arm and put my hand behind my head. I can only get so far, and advise her on such. We do the best we can on that, and I go back upstairs.
The doc comes in, shows me the scans on the computer (Fallon is now becoming oh-so-modern with PCs in each exam room now), and indicates the calcium deposits in my shoulder -- tendonitis. This actually explains a lot to me, as I had noticed over the years that if I try to raise my left arm straight up, I couldn't get it all the way without a little discomfort. Now I know why.
So maybe 15 minutes later, I'm walking out of the building with a bottle of Naproxen (500mg, twice per day) and another with Percocet (one, at night before bed). If I'm not seeing any marked improvement by early next week, I need to call my doc's office to discuss a cortisone shot.

But at least that's one mystery less.

I got home just after 800pm (spent maybe 90 minutes in total at UC). Marcus gave my shoulder a kiss, as we told him that I had a boo-boo there. What a sweetie!

I took a Naproxen last night as I ate dinner, then a Percocet as I was having a pre-sleep snack (B&J Mint Chocolate Cookie ice cream with Hershey's Special Dark syrup, followed by some Utz Puffin' Corn). I did feel that groovy sensation that Percs give me before I finished reading, and then I turned out the light and went to sleep.
I woke up feeling great -- not groggy or in a stupor, which is sort of odd with Percs or anything of that sort. Shoulder feels about the same, but I'll work on that.

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i used to love the groggyness of Percs, until i came down off of them after my car accident *chuckles* never again.

glad to hear you're getting some answers, sweet one


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