Okay, so... Colleen and I are up until about 1am last night. She's working on grades, I'm helping her a bit.
Marcus didn't get to sleep until late, so dinner was delayed until about 10pm. The ER finale was on, but I decided to bin it since I haven't watched it in 1.5 years, so I changed it over to the most recent ep of The Mighty Boosh that was DVR'd from Cartoon Network. (The Office wasn't on last night, damn.) Strange show, reminded Colleen of The Young Ones, and we decided to watch it again. So after that was done, I watched a show on secret societies while helping with the report cards, then Robot Chicken, then The F-Word Meets Top Gear on the DVR, and ended with the last half hour of a bio on Guns n Roses. Colleen finished a stack of papers right then, and decided to get some sleep...
Fast forward to this morning. Tired alarm wakes me in the morning, 530am. Rouse Colleen and she rolls out of bed around 545. She starts working on comment labels for the report cards. (Did I mention they go out today?)
Skip ahead to just about 7am...
Lights go out. TV switches off.
From the computer desk I hear this anguished scream emenate from Colleen.
Yep. Power down.
Went outside to check the extent. My upstairs neighbor was out there, and asked if I lost power. So the building's out
Street and traffic lights at the intersection in front of my building are out as well. Nifty!
Colleen's in a panic, and rushes off to school to redo the comment labels.
I get Marcus ready about half an hour early, and get him over to my parents' house early.
Since I'm running early, I stop at a Honey Farms to get myself some liquid energy (grape NOS), and a chocolate/raspberry iced coffee and a raspberry stick from the Honey Dew Donuts inside the place.
By the time I get to the school, she's calmed down, and surprised by my refreshments for her.

So now I'm sitting here at work, feeling loopy from lack of sleep, stiff muscle in the back of my neck, eagerly awaiting lunch when I can make another visit up to Five Guys.

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...I was wondering what time the power went out. I guess it was 7am.

Nothing like trying to remote access a machine that's turned off. :(



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