Okay, so... what in the hell just happened with the weather? Where's the heaps of snow? I was promised heaps of snow! (I was also promised flying cars, but that's a different story.)
Ah well, supposedly we'll be getting it tonight after the temperature drops. Not as much as what was once said earlier on, but it's still snow.


Wednesday night was pretty much a night to settle in, watch C's tummy as Marcus kicked, blooped, punched, and wobbled his way inside her. Very neat to watch, even neater to feel.

I've been thinking about actually organizing my posts on here, with different colors according to the topic of the post. It's still in the works, we'll see how it plays.
Of course, to do that, my posts will have to wait until I get home and have access to Semagic (a wonderful client for writing LJ posts). That way, I can control colors, cuts, and whatnot easier than by typing everything out. I don't know the HTML codes for various colors. And truth be told, I can only type "lj user=" so many times. Heh.

The biggest kicker right now is that I can't believe it's only Thursday. It sort of feels like a non-day to me. Kind of like limbo.
I think I've reasoned why I can't get the hang of Thursdays. It's the feel of it. You know you're past Wednesday, over the hump. But it's not the weekend yet, not Friday. It sort of feels like you're just starting to head downhill, picking up speed as you plod along through the day.
Somehow, I usually know what day it is by what was on TV the previous night. So far, all I have was My Family on BBC America, since we watched Medium which was taped on Monday after that. Oh well, at least I have CSI to look forward to tonight.
Then again, I still have all of last Friday's Sci-Fi stuff to watch...

Just checked... my order from Overstock.com will be arriving at my doorstep today. Just a couple of new D&D books that I've been waiting on.

Okay, I've sussed it all out, topics and colors. I just hope it all works out.
Here we go:
The Life of Pink: Anything about me, family, the baby, friends and life in general. Pink. (Naturally)
News of the World: Commentary on what's happening on this paltry ball of dirt and water. Includes anything political where applicable. Orange.
Gaming: Anything that would have to do with any gaming group I'm in, or anything dealing with RPGs. Blue.
The World of Sport: Since I follow only two or three teams in the whole wide world of sports (heh), talks on this topic will be few and far between. Bright purple.
Rants: Obvious. Red, naturally.
Memes: Normal.
Scribblings: These bits will deal with me trying to get back into writing, whether it's the latest entry in my portion of the Undocumented Features universe, revamping my BlackWing stories, or attempting some new stuff. Green. (Such a soothing color.)

There we have it.

Nothing more to report.
Carry on.


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