Man of the red earth : Hebrew

There is no doubt that with your great self-belief and powerful personality you are meant for positions of leadership. Others find you inspiring and you seem to attract success and good fortune easily. You have a strong mind and clear thinking giving you the ability to make quick decisions and take calculated risks. Being prepared to take one step at a time means you will be assured of achieving all your objectives.
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( Dec. 16th, 2005 12:01 pm)

It's quiet here at work. My cohort's working from home, since he can do that. Others are out for various reasons. I'd say that we're at 75% population today.
Of course, the weather played a factor. We had an hour delay in opening. Plus, I drove Colleen to school today so I could drive her car. Marcus is with my parents.

I have a week left to get shit together before my vacation.
Here's my list:

  • Clean the kitchen and pantry.

  • Sort out which clothes I'm taking to VA, and wash them.

  • Find a couple of paperbacks (new or ones I already own) to take as my vacation books. (Even though I'll be hitting the used book stores while I'm down there.)

  • Find some presents for Colleen. (I have an idea on where to get one or two.)

  • Bake brownies for the company potluck dinner.

  • Figure out which gaming project I'm taking with me to VA. Probably The City for D&D.

  • Have the mail stopped while we're gone.

  • Get a refill on a couple of my meds.

Have I missed anything? Hope not.



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