More of a weekend update than anything here...

Got up early so that we were out the door before 830am in order to get in line at the May Street Fallon Clinic for their Flu Shots. We were there at like 840am, and parking was already a mess. The line was wrapping through the upper parking lot. You'd think it was a damned Ikea opening up. However, once the doors opened, people were moving fairly quickly. We were out of there by 940am. Plenty of time for me to get to Fallon at Plantation Street so that I could get my other arm needled as well, this time to have blood drawn for routine CBC.
Afterwards, we spent the afternoon gaming, and had a relaxing evening at home.

Sunday: Drove to Idylwilde Farms in Acton to pick up lunch and other assorted goodies, then drove back to the Wachusett Reservoir for a picnic lunch. However, it was rather windy and was getting chilly by the time we ate (mid-afternoon), so we didn't stay long.

We discovered some new and nifty things with Marcus this past week:

  • He can sit up for longer periods of time. He's learning balance and support, and if he's at an angle, he can pull himself up into a sitting position.

  • He's learning how to give five.

  • His underarms are extremely ticklish. Same can go with the soles of his feet -- and when you blow on his feet, he'll laugh.

  • He loves the Blanket Game. This requires two people to play properly. Put kid in middle of blanket. Other two folks each take an end. Lift kid in blanket. Start swinging back and forth. For some variation, add bounces and rolling inside blanket. You'll have your kid laughing in no time. Marcus loves it.

Nothing like the sound of a baby laughing like that. That and his huge smile will make any Bad Day melt away.

I now have an appointment for a consult with an endicronologist, concerning my thyroid. November 30, late afternoon.
Ball is rolling.

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That's great about Marcus! I was wondering if he was starting to sit yet :) You guys up for a dinner maybe on a Sunday with football or should we wait til the holidays die down a bit?


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