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( Jan. 28th, 2005 02:49 pm)
So, where did I leave off in my updates? Oh yeah, Monday...

Tuesday: Nothing of interest to report. Had a short (well, shorter than the last one by far) Support Team meeting after-hours, so I got home at a decent time.

Snow! Gee!
And [ profile] silvara77 had the day off, so she decided to get her report cards over and done with.
She let me use her car to get into work. I left a little early so I could put some gas in her car and then lit out for work. Well, traffic was a nightmare. Getting onto 290 was a bear, just with all the cars backed up trying to turn onto the onramp. This was also maybe about 20 minutes or so before a tractor-trailer decided to get stuck on that same onramp. I was one of the lucky ones, apparently. The highway was a crawl, and I knew I was going to be late getting in, so I made sure that work knew that. Not a problem, in the end. I do have to say that 495 was much better, at least with less traffic. I made it to work only 15 minutes behind, so there were no worries. However, my cow-orker on the desk here called in, so I was the only one on the phones. I managed though, with some help from another guy who used to be on the desk.
What made my day was during a call, I showed a customer how to do a certain action, how to monitor a particular data channel and such on the remote unit. He was so surprised and impressed that the unit could do that, he just said (in that Southern gentlemanly way), "Well I'll go to hell!" Had me laughing for a little while afterwards.
I made it home in decent time, and I think we just had leftovers that night for dinner.

[ profile] silvara77 was quite surprised to have an hour delay for school, so she left when I did.
However, all's not well in camp. Dad went to California earlier this week to meet up with his parents, as my grandmother on that side isn't doing so hot. The tumor in her brain is spreading, and there's nothing they can do about it. So off he went, meeting up with his two sisters who flew in from Wisconsin. Well yesterday, the update was that she was pretty much gone. I was told that she looked peaceful, and everyone pretty much said their goodbyes. I think she went out with a couple of good memories in her head: the wedding, to which she made it, and the knowledge that Marcus was on the way. [ profile] silvara77 and I figure that Marcus is going to have a lot of spirits looking out for him: three great-grandmothers, two great-uncles... (all in relation to him, adding a generation from us)
We're going to arrange a mass card for my grandmother. Dad's coping in his own way, and at least he's surrounded by family.

So far, nothing exciting. However, tonight we're off to the St Mary School Ball. One of [ profile] silvara77's coworkers couldn't go, so we're getting her tickets. We're getting dressed up for this one, and my thought was (for a tie), "Okay, which one... Floyd or Taz?" (Going with the Floyd one, as this is a more formal shindig.)

More later when there's something to mention.

Nothing to report.
Carry on.


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