The Life of Pink

Last night's aikido class was a treat. The class' sensei, the dojocho, taught the class. This was the fourth class out of an eight-class series, and the number of students has gone down from maybe ten to four or five. I guess a lot of the older folks couldn't handle moving and stretching their bodies the way that we do, or maybe there were just personal conflicts. I know I missed class #2 due to recovery from a nasty cold bug.
But anyway.
Paul Caron Sensei of Zenshinkan Dojo in Worcester, MA, is great. I liked him a lot, on a teacher-student level and on a personal level. We mostly worked on tai sabaki movements from a same-side wrist grab, tenkan, and ending in an elbow push to sent uke into a backward roll. Not bad, though I sort of half-expected to go into shihonage. Oh well, I guess that my older classes started creeping into my brain.
Another thing that surprised me was the backward rolls we were doing, all the way to level 3... and I managed to get over my right shoulder! I've always had problems rolling back over my right shoulder. I don't know why. But something that Caron Sensei had mentioned when doing it just sort of clicked, and it worked. I was amazed.
And wonder of wonders, I'm not as sore this morning as I have been in the past. I felt great afterwards! Nearly refreshed, actually!
I love being on the mat. I'm relearning things I learned ten years ago, and the body does remember how to do these things, but it's always good to get a refresher.
One thing I really had to agree with was the one thing he was afraid of fighting: a ghost, someone who matches his movements perfectly, works with his movements, and takes advantage. I agree with him on that.
That being said, I'd love to continue on with classes after this series is over, but I don't think I can afford it after my first one comes into the world in six weeks. Perhaps after a while I can, and then I can pass it along to him.

Onto another front, I suppose...
This snowstorm wasn't a real ripsnorter or anything. We got maybe 3 inches, 4 at most, of heavy, wet snow. Great for snowmen and snowballs, and I was able to clear both cars easily. Stuff just slid right off.

C was home from work early due to being rather under the weather. She went in, but people told her to go home. Smart move. She slept most of the day, which is what she needed. She went in today, stating that she felt less crappy.
I don't think she'll be going to choir practice tonight, and I doubt she'll be singing at Easter Mass on Sunday morning either. I think that's a good call, since she can try and get some more rest.

As for me, what'll I be doing when I get home?
First off, trimming and slicing raw chicken for a quick marinade.
Cooking chicken and stuffing and some sort of veg to go with. Add to that rice for a fried rice Friday night.
Relaxing, most likely watching NCIS and House.
Tomorrow, I've got errands to run after work.

That's all for now.
Nothing more to report.
Carry on.


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